Merry 2015!!

Hiiii!! (Yes, I’m a very cheerful person)

It’s 2015 and I’ve decided to start a book blog on my own. Isn’t it fun? We won’t have any troubles forgetting our blogeversary. When {if} we reach next year… it’ll be fun! I promise. {errrmm…}

I am actually a part of {basically} two blogs… (Book Referees – I am a reviewer there! and Jarrrss Of Books – Yes, I’m one of the ladies there.)

And so I’ve decided to start my own blog. – I honestly don’t know what hit me but well, we’re on the point of no return.


Merry 2015!

You know I just got this from somewhere right? Via Google.

{Here goes a new year greeting.}

A year has come and gone and a new one comes along. Isn’t it funny? The only reason we can say this is because of calendars. Truthfully, it’s just another day. We’re all just staying up to meet a new day. What makes it so special? Why does 365 – 366 during leap years a.k.a next year – days need to pass? All that we can blame is our ancestors.

But it’s because of this calendar system that most of us look forward into just another day. For all of us, a new year is a new time. It’s time to change. Putting it that way, it makes sense. Why not change yourself for the better? It has been 365 days.

And now, a new year is here with us. Another 365 days to count. To spend. To live. Another chance to make things right. Another chance to celebrate life.

I am not a person to make a list of new year resolutions. We all know that most of us don’t manage to keep them all year. I am more of a person who spends a day like it’s the last and looks forward to tomorrow as a new chance.

May we all live the next days, weeks, months with our goals today in mind. Surely, not only me have things she wants to achieve that has a due date: 365 days from now.

May your promises tonight haunt you all year. Love you!

I greet you a great, fun, prosperous new year!

Okay, that was… a little bit too dramatic. I knew I should have done a new year greeting.

Anywayyyyy. I really wish us a great year and less drama. And of course, more books.

A new year means new books!


Love you always, nerdychampagne


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