A New Year Means A Start!

As far as I’m concerned, holiday season is almost over. It’s not yet quite over because it extends up to the weekends. It’s not yet over until we all need to get back to work or school. {spread positivity}

In accordance with the holidays, I received my share of holiday book haul! Hooray! This is basically the last book haul of 2014 and first book haul of 2015.

Soo… meet my new babiieeesss!


Yes, Ariana included.


Wellllll,,, Here, we have: (click on the title to be led to the book’s GR page)

I got Nobody’s Secret, Miss Fortune Cookie and Eve & Adam for Christmas from my best friends and the rest of the books, well I got them for me.

Yes, it was a rather prosperous Christmas because lookie here…


I know. The light is cute. I love her too. And those are my notebooks beside them. Sooooo. Expect a review for each book in here okay?

That is just a part of what 2015 may have for us! Aren’t you excited? Because I am. Oh, by the way. I kinda promised myself to hold off buying books… just a little… until at least April… Don’t worry, we’ve got eBook options. I’ve got a lot of books in my Kindle that I haven’t read yet soooo… we’re not running out of books in here. And I’m not really sure I can keep my promise.

I’ll do my best! 

Love, nerdychampagne


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