#WordsforWednesday (1)

Hi there! 

Soooo, lately, I’ve been contemplating on what I should really call this uhm, sort of, Quote of the Week post…

I’m not exactly good in thinking up titles which is why: Words for Wednesday.

Words for Wednesday is a weekly thing I’ll do where I’ll post an edit of mine featuring a quote/line from my book of the week.

Should I do the Book of The Week thing too? 

Just so you know, I’ve been contemplating on this ever since I’ve read Snow Like Ashes:


It also has a greyscale version. Comment down if you wanna see it!! 🙂

But I have decided now.

Annddd soooooo… our official first feature in Words for Wednesday is a line from On Best Behavior by Jennifer Lane.

It is my latest review (no it’s not the latest book I’ve read but it is my latest favorite book.) and I made a little thing.

You said unconditional love is hard to find. I hadn’t known such connection until you were mine.


In order to not spoil anyone, all I can say is that I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS SCENE.

#fangirl mode activate

I am in total fangirl mode now so, bye for now lovelies. x



2 thoughts on “#WordsforWednesday (1)

  1. Ooh, I love this idea. 🙂 I generally (try) to list a few quotes from whatever book(s) I’m reading that week in my Weekly Recap posts at the end.

    I love that quote, I’m going to have check out On Best Behavior. Thank you for the follow by the way. 🙂 You’re my 100th on WP. ❤

    Liked by 1 person

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