A Late, Late, Late, Happy Valentine’s Day!


So let’s talk about your Saturday. Me, I spent my Saturday… hmm… look, it’s already Tuesday. I already forgot what I did on that day.

Anyway, I would still like to greet everyone a belated (three days later…) happy Valentine’s Day!

I just want to make sure that someone greets you. In case nobody did. Well, never forget, I say Happy Valentine’s Day to myself. And if I have money, I buy myself a git or two.

But unfortunately, I’m a broke booknerd. Sorry.

That’s basically it!

By the ways, I’ll post my two-star review of Ashes to Ashes, and five-star for Anna Dressed in Blood around, uhm, maybe in two days?

I’ll probably write a Drunk Rant post for why I hate the name Anna. Or maybe how much I hate finals.

Next week, it would be ours. Wish me all the lucky luck. I’d need them.

Love you much, Ren


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