Drunk Rant: Wait, let me turn Ashes To Ashes into ashes.

Venting out your emotions is a good way with dealing and coping with them. That’s what I’m doing in this post. Everything here is based in my own opinions and in case you disagree, well, that’ your own opinion.

Warning: The post might contain spoilers so if you haven’t read the book, I suggest you now look for some other post. Another thing, this might contains some cursing. No, scratch that. It will probably contain swearing because that’s the damn point of fucking swearing. To convey one’s point a little bit more, uhm, point-y. Another thing, I’m probably writing the whole post with the lights off because it’s probably really late at night and I should be sleeping. But the book must’ve been so bad in my opinion so here, I’m writing a damn dunk post. 

‘Kay. Ashes to Ashes by the BFF Jenny Han and Siobhan Vivian.

At first, I loved the series. I love the plot. I love the cover. I love it.

Fire With Fire ended with some paranormal twist, Mary being a ghost. I was like: Erm, okay? Where’s Ashes to Ashes now? I neeeedddd it!

Here, I got it, I’ve read it.

I fucking want to return it.

It totally ruined the whole series. I. Can’t. Even.

Let’s start with what I hate the most. The epilogue. I hate the epilogue. They shouldn’t have done that.

The epilogue was in Lilia’s POV. She told little bits of what happened to everyone some years after, probably more than five years because it seemed like they were done with college. Well, you know, let’s me just tell you what I hate about the book.

It suddenly became Lilia’s story. For pete’s sake. Why. Would. You. Even. I though this was about them three? Mary’s dead – okay. But why did it became Lilia’s story all of a sudden?

You know what? Lilia is fucking stupid. Break her own promise then regret putting everyone’s lives at risk again. Ugh.

The whole time, she was just making out and then once did the deed with Reeve. Then tries to stay away, can’t, break the spell, then Mary saves the day.

I don’t even get why. It was Mary’s revenge. Why do Lilia gets the happy ever after? With Alex? Whose heart she broke for his best friend. What the fuck? It’s all wrong. And hell, Alex said he won’t be waiting. I’d love to see it like Lilia, all on her own, Alex, happy with his life, Kat, living her dreams, Reeve, moving on from Lilia. It would be better that way.

The epilogue basically made the whole story a huge joke. Why fight for the person you won’t be with after all? How can you get a move on if you never really tried in the first place?

The story took a terrible twist. Somewhere there. Somewhere, somewhen, and that was why it all went down in flames.

The ending, it was, uhm, lame. Downstraight lame. I would’ve preferred it if Reeve died. If that happened, I might accept Lilia and Alex but that would make Alex a big joke.

It was stupid.

It goes around in this stupid little cycle.

And another thing, I hate the stupid forced love triangles everywhere in Jenny Han’s books. I’m pretty sure a love triangle won’t be necessary. I never even liked any of the two for Lilia. Reeve would be better off with anyone. And so will be Alex. And Lilia, well, she needs a life.

And by the way, whatever happened to Kat in the story? She comes then goes. What the fuck?

Anyway, there’s a reason why the first thing that came out of my mouth was: THAT WAS THE WORST EPILOGUE AND LAMEST ENDING EVER. 

And I don’t understand why they need to change the cover layout. Explain these to me.


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