#WordsForWednesday (2)


I know I skipped a week. I was too busy to read and edit. You know, sometimes, life gets in the way.

Anyway, today, we’ve got my current favorite series! Well, a quote from the first book of my favorite series!

Anna dressed in Blood is something that can be read as standalone and I personally liked ADIB more than I love Girl of Nightmares. Because, well, I just do. Maybe it’s because of the fact that ADIB had more action scenes, and well, romantic moments but really, I don’t know. I really just love it a teeny tiny bit more than GON. But I love the series!! Go read it NOW!!

Okay, now for the quote of the week

I am the type of reader who marks the pages with sticky note flags to keep track of my favorite scenes, or quotable quotes and they come handy at times. (Like that one time that I used the books as references to my reaction paper in English, though I don’t really remember what I got for that, or maybe our teacher never returned our papers…) And ADIB is full of notes. It’s pretty colorful. I love it.


Having no choice doesn’t seem fair, but having them all isn’t really easier. 

I made lots of version of a single edit of this one because I really have no idea what to do. And I have so little time. Tell me which one struck you the most! (If you even liked any of them three..)

The one that struck me the most… (for some odd reason.)

The original in color. (That I really like)


Because greyscale is always something.


So there! I hope you liked them. If you liked any of them, at all.

Don’t forget to read the books because they’re my new favorites.


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