#WordsForWednesday (4)


This is the fourth week we’re doing this, hooraay!

This week, as I’ve told you a few days ago, our book is The Legacy Human by Susan Kaye Quinn.

Check out my review, and then buy the book because ya’ll need to read this.

Is that one thing, that one thing that really matters, still present within us? Or was it forever lost [in the Singularity]?  

I know, we’re in some deep life talk in here.

I chose this quote for the week because the book talked a lot about that. What’s really important in life, what really matters, what you’d be willing to do, to lose, for the sake of something. It may be important, it may be life-changing. It all comes down to one thing: It will cost a price. How much will you be willing to pay? Would it be worth it?

Nooow, you know there is no such thing as just a single version of anything for me.

Ver 1: This happened by accident. And I ended up liking loving it.


Ver 2: This is what I was trying to do right from the very start.


Ver 3: I was messing around and came to this by accident.


There! We have three versions of the same quote this week…

Which one did you like the most? I mean, there isn’t much difference between the three of them but I still need to ask.

Now, I told you. This book is something else. The usual plot with a specially unique twist. Go and buy it now.



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