Here’s To: Chasing Mercy by Stacy Claflin

Chasing Mercy (Mercy #1) by Stacy Claflin

Genre: Paranormal, Supernatural, Ghosts, Young Adult

Pages: Kindle Edition, 214 pages

Published: 14 May 2013

Source: Copy won at a giveaway by the author (ages ago…) 

Chasing-Mercy-Cover Chasing Mercy (Mercy #1) 

The summer after graduation should have been the most exciting time of Mercy’s life.

Instead, on the way to an exciting overseas trip, she barely survives an accident that kills the rest of her family. As soon as she’s released from the hospital, a creepy hooded figure with black skinny jeans begins to chase her.

At home, Mercy experiences other ghostly encounters. Kit, her neighbor who happens to run a paranormal blog, thinks that her brush with death has made her more sensitive to life on the other side. She discovers what the hooded figure is hiding and decides to try and stop him regardless of the danger.

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stacy claflin Stacy Claflin

Author, blogger and home educating mom. Vampire enthusiast.

I’ve been writing and telling stories for as long as I can remember. As a kid, my story telling would get me into trouble when I would try to convince others that my stories were real.

I’m really excited because I’ve stepped out and grabbed a hold of my life long dream to publish novels. And the best part is that it keeps getting better and better. 

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Okay, so we’re on the third day of Review Catch Up. And I’m so happy I’m catching up.

No, really. I am.

Today, we have Chasing Mercy. I won a giveaway (I think it was a giveaway but it can always be not a giveaway but I don’t know how else would I get this book unless it was a giveaway…) about maybe a little more than a year ago.

And it seems like you can only buy this books through Amazon now. It’s not on Nook anymore… Trust me, I did my homework. It was once there, but now, it’s not there.

Let’s move through:

Okay, let me tell you one thing. I knew. Right from the moment she left the hospital then went home. I knew. The ending got me smiling because I knew. I knew it.


And Kit, fridge. I hate that I knew. Because the ending. Well, the few pages before the ending.

oops no

Okay, the writing is a little annoying at times. It’s not even a big deal. It was good, actually. Maybe it’s just me, like on million other occasions.

The characters… well, the sisters were a bit unreachable, more like the whole family characterization was a bit unreal. No, not the race thing, but who-what they are, individually. They (the family as a whole) was little bit too perfect.

But I love Kit. And Mercy annoying and pretty self-centred, and well, she is what she is. She’s not the bad kind of annoying but the normal kind of annoying. And Kit is adorable.

But that ending. Oh, Kit.

oh nnnooooo

For me, the book didn’t have much thrill or suspense because really, everything happened in a snap of a finger.


Chasing Mercy is really short and an easy read. Interesting concept, even though it was super predictable, main plot, anyway. It can be longer, more detailed, more action scenes. Actually, I think it would be better if it was a bit longer, to give time and space for the characters to have proper development; to let the plot grow a base.

It’s really admiring how Stacy was able to make me love Kit just through the short pages, because I’ve read a lot of books and I could really not connect with someone even through the course of 400 pages. But not here. Even though I can’t say I love Mercy, I liked her just fine.

Overall, it was a good story. I told you, interesting plot. Not much new but not so mainstream, either. The writing was fair and so were the characters. It had lots of potential and still could be improved. I liked it and yes, no one can stop just at the first book.


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