Here’s To: Searching For Mercy by Stacy Claflin

Searching For Mercy (Mercy #2) by Stacy Claflin

Genre: Paranormal, Supernatural, Ghosts, Romance, Young Adult

Pages: Kindle Edition, 173 pages

Published: 4 January 2014

Source: Copy won at a giveaway by the author (ages ago…) 


 Searching For Mercy (Mercy #2)

The summer before senior year should have been the most exciting time of Kit’s life.

He found adventure and love after moving to a new town. But his world was turned upside down after discovering a grim secret.
Mercy disappeared after learning the news. Kit is determined to find her… but does she want to be found?


stacy claflin

 Stacy Claflin

Author, blogger and home educating mom. Vampire enthusiast.

I’ve been writing and telling stories for as long as I can remember. As a kid, my story telling would get me into trouble when I would try to convince others that my stories were real.

I’m really excited because I’ve stepped out and grabbed a hold of my life long dream to publish novels. And the best part is that it keeps getting better and better. 

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As I said in my review of Chasing Mercy, it seems like this series is almost non-existent nowadays. You can really only buy them on Kindle. And you know what, I like this series so…

Okay, I have one question.

2013’s already come and gone, it’s already 2015! Where is the third book?

And I don’t even know how much time had passed from chapter twenty-two to twenty-three!! This is frustrating! And don’t you dare tell me that they weren’t together by the last chapter! They arrreee! No one can fight me on this.


Okay, I’m not falling for Kit. No. Okay, Maybe, just a little bit. He’s so into Mercy, no one can stop him.

Now, I’d really like to know what’s happening. This is the kind of second book that will have you looking for the third book. It’s not the kind that will make you question why you read the series in the first place. No, Stacy knows how to keep a series going. And I swear, I need the third book.


I love Wade, I didn’t like Amy that much, I like Saydee, and Mercy is who she is. I love her. The story progressed really well. It was well-written and admit it, the story’s great now. Mostly about Wade, because {spoiler}.

Anyway, if you’re looking for a short light paranormal read, this series is definitely for you!



2 thoughts on “Here’s To: Searching For Mercy by Stacy Claflin

    1. I knooooowww! I really like the series and I really hope that Stacy will get into writing the third book, like, right now. Everything about it screams “just average” but have you ever had that series that you don’t even fully love but you can’t stop because the ending is just: “you can’t stop here, you’re too curious. lol, good luck to you.” and you can’t help but be like: “I need to know what happened!” UGH. Do you get me? Did that even make any sense??


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