#WordsForWednesday (5)

Omigosh. Fifth week, it this real? I can’t believe it.

Just imagine how I will react on, like, tenth week, I can see it now: JNBVCXDRTYDROMYGOSHDGTE



This week, I have a quote from The Here And Now. It’s not much, and my edit is basically still my draft, but I liked it and I have no idea how to do it again, so I had to settle for it. It could’ve been better or worse, knowing me.

In case you don’t know what’s The Here and Now is about, I’ll tell you a three-sentences summary.

Follow the rules.

Remember what happened.

Never fall in love.

Hahha. Okay, that won’t help. Really now. In one word: Time travel.

Yes, I consider that as a word.

Let’s get down to business. So, here are the magical words this week:

The future doesn’t want anything. We are the ones who make the future. 


For me, this quote means a lot. (I know that quotes mean a lot for different people but a lot means a whole lot to me… Even a lot means differently to me… idk.)

We are the ones in control of what would really happen to our lives. The future doesn’t ask for anything from you. For me, it’s just us who thinks we failed our future. I think that as long as we’re here, we’re free to choose. Whatever we do, whatever we say, whatever we decided, it’s us who’ll face the consequences. Maybe not you, directly, but the effect will take place. That could be good. And it could always be not. Whatever our life may be in a few years or how the world might turn out in a few decades all depends on what we do now. It’s not like the future can tell us: Hey, if you do that, this will happen, and when that happens, it will be messy. No. We hold all out choices and all we have to do is choose the right one.

And before you choose, think: Will the future me be happy? Will the people around me be happy too?

Because for me, all you have to do with life is be happy. And sometimes, it’s not only you who needs to be, and unfortunately, there would come a time when you need to be happy for someone else, to put someone’s joy before you.

But remember: Life is too short to live it in anything but bliss.

Yaaay! That’s actually my favourite one out of nine versions of it. I know. Nine’s too many.

Anyway, I screened the eight left and rejected some of them (and even thought: Seriously? Why did you even save this?!?!) These are the only ones that were left, in case you wanna see them. Just click on them to view. (Don’t worry they open on a new tab. I still have no idea how to let you just view them, and I’ll figure that one out. Some time… Soon… I hope…)

So yeah, tell me if you like any of these other versions than the one I like the most because hey, we’re allowed to like whatever we want to. Tell me what you think in the comments! 🙂

 two five eight

So there! I might actually have to make something like a banner for #WordsForWednesday but I’ll still need to check with my lazyness. You never know.


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