#WordsForWednesday (6)

Just so you know, this is the one post that I actually spend hours in making. Gathering the resources, wondering which quote, what theme, should I just use the cover, should I use something else, what kind of font, what approach, those kinds of stuff. Sometimes, I just want to lay on my enchanting bed and sleep.

Annnyyyyywwwwaaaayyyyy. I decided to let you guys know that because this particular Wednesday, this particular post took too much time of my energy and everything and it still doesn’t look really right to me…

I have three versions. Unlike my previous #WordsForWednesday posts, which looks quite the same from each other, this time, they’re all so different from each other I don’t even know why.

So, for today, I have something that isn’t my favourite but definitely a book that I like so much.

On second thought, maybe it is like, half-a-favourite. If that makes sense at all.


Sometimes it’s hard to hear someone tell the truth, but it’s also hard to be the one to say it.

That is a quote from Winter Kisses (which is a featured bonus book on my review of it’s sister book, 3 AM Kisses.)

I am going to post my review of Winter Kisses somewhen this week, and I might actually have to do another rveiew catch up check list just to make sure I post everything I need to. So yeah.

For me, honesty is one of the virtues I make sure I see in everybody I deal with. People lie for a reason, whether it’s good or bad, at some point, you’ll be in a situation where you just need to tell the truth. I don’t have a problem with liars. At. All. I understand, but I don’t encourage lying either, for whatever purpose or motive one might have. It’s better to keep it black and white than live in hiding.

Whether we like or not, people will lie to us *ehem*government*ehem*   and once that truth has been kept from you for some time, and you’ve learned to live with the otherwise, you can’t help but be hurt. In time, the truth will be free, and surely, no feelings will be truly clean of damage. No matter how you look at it, being lied to hurts. And hard.

But admit it, you’ve lied too. And getting the truth out of you, even when you know you should just let it go, is hard.


(Click on the photo to view. Don’t worry, they open on the new tab!)

 wk3wk4  wk1

I don’t even have any idea how I came up with those.

Tell me what you think about them in the comments! 🙂


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