#WordsForWednesday (7)


I always forget how the week would start and it would be Wednesday already. Always. And I’d always panic.

Anyway, this week, we have a quote from a book I just finished last night. Literally.

Oh, on the other note, it’s my mom’s birthday today! Woo-hoo!

Anyway, I’m really tired so I might just edit this post sometime tomorrow because I’d take my rest first before everything.

Oh, and I’ll be posting my review for Forever Kinda Love and Flirting With Love and of course, my review for Eve and Adam sometime before March ends so make sure you’re subscribed through the email thing because you never know with me. (I actually don’t know with me either but well…)

Okay so here we go:

Everybody’s messed up in their own unique way right? Nobody’s perfect.

I’m really tired, guys, so we’d all have to settle with these poorly edited things:

e&a1  e&a2

There. #ThatMomentWhenTheCreditsArePreetierThanTheWords…

But well, I guess my graphics just explain the quote for tired me. Nobody’s perfect, guys, and everyone’s messed up. So there, just look at how messed up my products are.

I still gave it my tired best so hit the comments and let’s talk about these things I made!

Oh and if you haven’t read this awesome book, I suggest you now do because this book is just:



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