#WordsforWednesday + Mini Note!

Just one thing tho, April Fools!


C’mon guys, laugh. Even just a fake one.

Well, I don’t really care because we don’t even have that day in our calendar here soo… And the closest I got was all the Taylor Swifts I saw on Twitter. And Taylor Swifts freaking out on how Taylor Swift noticed them. It may not be too late yet, go ahead and join the party.

See?! I told you!
See?! I told you!

Anyway. Let’s talk about the little note first.

I just want you guys to know that tomorrow, it’ll be my stop for Personal Fouls Book Tour, and I am to post my review along with the Tour Stop Post. But I have the three books so I decided to just make a Series Review on a separate post for the review and another for the Tour Stop. So, yeah, my Personal Fouls Book Tour Stop will be two parts.

Nooowww, along that, I have decided to use a quote from the second book in that series, Fantasy Leagues: A Game of Inches

It’s called life, a messy, convoluted set of sometimes random events that screw up the best laid plans.

I literally have no idea what to do, and so:

agameofinches1 agameofinches2

Don’t worry, you can click on them, examine every pixel. They open on a new tab.

That’s that. I don’t think I’d need to share my thoughts on that quote because:

  1. I have other stuff to do
  2. The quote was pretty straightforward enough
  3. You can always hit up comments

Well, then. Happy April! Can you believe we’re already four months deep in 2015???! Time moves too fast


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