Here’s To: The Decalogue by Mark Pettinger

The Decalogue by Mark Pettinger

Genre: Mystery, Crime, Romance, Adult

Pages: eBook edition, 202 pages

Published: 27 June 2012 by BookBaby (Re-released: 25 September 2014 in Kindle Edition, BookBaby)

Source: Copy provided in exchange for an honest review 

23249723 The Decalogue

DCI Jonny Priest, fresh from his recent promotion bids a fond farewell to The Metropolitan Police and heads north west for a new challenge with the Greater Manchester Police Force.

He is immediately thrown into a murder investigation; a teenager brutally murdered in a nightclub. Priest soon comes to realise that this is not the first murder of its kind in the area, and with a truly sinister pattern emerging, DCI Priest and his team have a race against time to prevent further deaths.

Has he got what it takes to lead and inspire a new team? Can he keep his personal challenges separate to his work life ? Can he catch a killer before he strikes again, and again? 

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Mark Pettinger was born in a maternity ward attached to RAF Manston in Kent. His father was in the Royal Air Force, and for the first few years of his life, he lived on a number of RAF bases on the east coast of the UK with his parents and sister.

Mark’s interest in the murky world of crime started a number of years ago when he was attracted to reading true crime. He became fascinated with the exploits of the Yorkshire Ripper, Dennis Nilsen, John Wayne Gacy, Andrei Chikatilo etc. An avid reader of many genre’s, but his attention turned to favouring crime fiction; and his reading list includes Ian Rankin, Mark Billingham, Val McDermid, Lynda La Plante, Ann Cleeves and Jo Nesbo.

A few years ago, now married and with children he moved to an idyllic village in Yorkshire, which is where he still resides with his wife and two boys.

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typewriter typewriter heart

I am thoroughly disappointed. I am thoroughly sorry that two-point-five is the most that I can give. I don’t want to give a half-hearted rating.

AND I was really excited for this book. I was totally looking forward to love this book.

But look, I am really not happy with this book.

Minor spoilers ahead.

It was slow-paced. Really slow. It took slow in a whole new level. It was unbelievable.

No matter how clean a murder can be, skin cells will always turn out under the fingernails of the victim if there was such thing as resistance.

And who you’re talking to again? Yes, me. And I’m a sucker for mystery/crime novels. And guess what? I already have a sense on who did it the moment they’re mentioned. Yes, it was obvious. Yes, I get why our protagonist didn’t see it, but come on. He had instincts that were working in the first part of the book.

PLUS it was very anti-climatic. I swear.

And the version of the ten commandments here had me all confused. Fact: I’m a Roman Catholic, I studied in a Catholic School from elementary to high school and we are to have the ten commandments memorized by heart – duh, we started memorizing them since third grade. Last time I checked, fourth was: Honour your father and mother. Fourth not fifth.

I’m sorry, I’m just confused and frustrated, this is like telling me that my whole life has been a lie.

The characters were fair, likeable at best, and their love lives are very intriguing – and complicated.

Overall, it was not thrilling, the whole story was like waiting for the next murder, and the characters as police were pretty stupid, there were too many unnecessary details, many questions unanswered, too many scenes and details left out, and so many points that got ignored.

I honestly can’t recommend this book to anyone for the sake of my dignity as a mystery lover. I hate giving books a low rating and most especially those that I got for review but I have to be honest: This books isn’t anything. It’s definitely not the plot – it was interesting, promising to an extent, but it was not properly executed. I found grammar mistakes here and there, so maybe a little editing (and maybe researching) can help the next book.

This book is a disappointment. There, I said it. The ending, though. That was wrong in all the right levels. The whole book was almost laughable, pretty ridiculous, I’m shaking my head. In another time, I could laugh while reading this. I’m open to suggestions about this book but really, it was disappointing.


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