Here’s To: The Fantasy League Series by Davee Jones

Today, I’m going to do something I’ve never done before. Like, never.

I’m going to review a whole series – just mini-reviews for each book but more about the whole series so far. One thing you should know is that the series will have a fourth book and possibly a fifth book but I have no real idea. If you’re not aware, I participated on the book tour of the third book: Personal Fouls,  and that’s where I got my copies for review. 

What my review of Goodreads says:

I have no idea how to review the books since I have yet to completely sort out my feelings for the books in the series but as of now, all I can say is that:

There’s nothing oh-so-special but the storyline is unique enough.
The change in POVs are really random, messy at times. I have no idea what to make of that since you’d understand whose is what after the first sentence, second at max.
It’s pretty emotional and sensitive – especially if you’re reading with the right eyes. And mind.
There were h-a-w-t scenes.
There were godawful scenes.

And I still have no clear idea where I stand on these books. Putting it bluntly, it was okay. As in: oh-kaaaayyy..?.

The Fantasy Legacy Series touches down some sensitive things and honestly, I still have no idea what to say. (It’s been about a week or so since I’ve read this and tried to write a proper review – still trying) To cut to the point, the whole series was bizarre for me but it was unique and interesting.

I’d give each book a rating of 3/5 or 3.5/5 at most. I stand on the okay side of the world. This is indeed unique and I’d like to stay to see what would have happened to everyone until the end.

Okay, here we go:

Fantasy League #1: Split The Uprights

Genre: Adult, Contemporary, Romance

Pages: eBook, 142 pages

Publushed: 14 November 2014

Source: Copy provided in exchange for an honest review

splitfront2015 What happens when you mix men and women in a fantasy football league? Lots of sexy competition and instant rivalries. Owner of Fantasy Leagues, Lola Fontaine, maintains two identities, one as loving matchmaker and the other as ball busting Dominatrix. In the LockHim Room, her muscle toned guys never know what to expect. With reclusive statistician, Eugene Carlton, they believe they have the perfect formula for romance. All their success takes a place on the Wall of Flame. But, do they really know anything about true love connections? She takes awkward Danika Parker under her wing and teaches her everything she doesn’t know about love. However, in the process, they establish risky boundaries, pushing the envelope normally established for just friends. Danika takes an interest in fellow participant, Finn Maxwell, the man still searching for a plan. Unfortunately for Lola, time is running out on secrets from her past. Living on borrowed time will catch up with her in a way she least expected. She will hurt the ones she loves, no matter how she tries. But, will they ever forgive? Will Lola get more than she counted on? 

What my review on Goodreads says:

The rating might change.


bye I’ma read the second book now

WHAT seems to summarize all the feelings I felt when I read this book.

Fun Fact : I am not the type of person who reads blurbs/synopsis/summaries/about-this-book/whatever.

The story itself was pretty fun, new – I told you: unique. Match Making as a business. It never occurred to me that it’ll be about that. Sports, anyone? But well, sports was pretty much involved. So you see, the whole match making business was fun and all so I was shocked when all the Dominatrix side turned up. SHOCKED. As in: What-did-I-get-myself-into shocked.

The writing was fair, all the characters were fun, flawed, unique, and lovable in the own ways.

Start:  nidssgif

Middle: imconfusedgif

Ending: cliffhangercatgif

After: CARIBnYXEAA1xb4gif

Fantasy League #2: A Game of Inches

Genre: Adult, Contemporary, Romance

Pages: eBook, 133 pages

Published: 10 January 2015

Source: Copy provided in exchange for an honest review

A Game of Inches is featured in our (previous week’s )#WordsforWenesday!

gameofinches2015 Will Lola really shut down the Fantasy Leagues, just as she was making serious friends? With Rudy, her best client and confidant, in the hospital after a paralyzing football injury, she must evaluate what’s important. The Letter opens doors to both heartache and love, but, she doesn’t know how to deal with either one. Will Eugene agree to shoulder Lola through this latest crisis? Potentially, working behind the scenes on the Fantasy Leagues may have revealed to Eugene what he is missing the most – a soul mate. Finn receives an offer almost too good to be true, if he takes the brass ring opportunity, will he say goodbye to Danika just as things are heating up? Lola spirals downward in an alcoholic torrent of hopelessness and fear, trying to help her long lost daughter, Sharlyn. Just as in football, life is a game of inches, some gained some lost. Watching these characters struggle to gain yards may destroy relationships instead of scoring touchdowns.

What my review on Goodreads says: 


A Game of Inches has got to be the most exciting book in these three. This is where all the secrets were revealed. Don’t trust the blurb in Goodreads – almost everything was said there!!! I panicked for a moment. I had a hard time trimming it down.

Anyway, I don’t really remember where it started but judging from the blurb, well, it was a shocker right from the start. There were a few things that happened that would connect an event to another and if these novels were to be compiled into one, I’d say that this is the climax of the story. Secrets, fights, conclusions, everything.

Start: hmmmmmgif

Middle: blinkkgif

Ending: blinkgif

After:  nickiblinkgif

Fantasy League #3: Personal Fouls

Genre: Adult, Contemporary, Romance

Pages: eBook, 122 pages

Source: Copy provided in exchange for an honest review

personalfoulfinallow Personal Fouls gets down into the thoughts of Marty, Eugene, and Rudy. From the first time Marty and Lola meet, make love, and find their relationship destroyed by secrets of her past, you will know where he stands. Eugene portrays the image of uncaring, social misfit detached from the frivolous antics of society. What no one knows is how deep the longing of human companionship dwells within his soul. Will he ever find the courage to connect again? Rudy fell from football superstar to forgotten paraplegic. Mourning the loss of his career is secondary to losing the ability to make love, father children, or play in the LockHim Room. Wanting his personal life back so badly, he’s willing to explore options putting him back in love’s game. But, is Lola the one he really wants? How will he know the difference between love and lust?

What my review on Goodreads says:

Honestly, this is the most boring/I-have-no-idea-what-to-make-of book in the series so far. Honestly, there isn’t much in the series but the characters will intrigue you just as much to make you wonder what happened/s to them – thus, chase the next book. This only happens when the book ends in a cliffhanger question.

Personal Fouls, I’d say is a lot like a novella for the first two books. Lola was out of the first-person POVs. This time, we see the lives of the three boys in her life after the all that happened in A Game of Inches. In general, they all have interesting thoughts and lives. Especially Eugene. MARRRRTTTYYYYY!!! PLEASE.

Well, I’m shipping Lola and Marty. No one can stop me with this. No, don’t fight me, just ship them too. I hope they’ll find a way. I know there’s a way. Please let it happen.

Rudy has a good story that might lead to a story of hope and new beginnings.

Since this book is divided into three:

Marty’s POV: throwsyouintothewatergif

Eugene’s POV: right in the feelsgif

Rudy’s POV: baymaxfistbumpgif


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