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Second Act (Second Chances #1) by Marsha West

Genre: Romance, Suspense

Published: 27 March 2015, MRW Press LLC

Cover Design: Charlotte Volnek

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Second+Act+2+ Second Act (Second Chances #1)

When a member of the board of a non-profit arts agency in Fort Worth turns up dead, the homicide detective assigned to the case looks at everyone involved in the organization, including the Executive Director.

Addison Jones Greer, divorced mother of two teens, is the Executive Director of Cowtown Theatre. When a board member is found in the costume room murdered, suspicion rests on everyone involved with the theatre, including Addie. She has angered some board members because she wants to fire the Artistic Director. Although she’s warmed him several times, he continues to go over budget for productions.

Mike Riley, Fort Worth homicide detective, hates that he caught this case. His sister-in-law dragged him to a theatre fundraiser where he met Addison, the first woman he’s wanted to pursue a relationship with in a long time. Not about to happen now.

Addison hasn’t ventured into romance since she caught her now ex-husband in their bed with his secretary. As a result she doesn’t do trust. How could she trust someone who seems determined to think she’s capable of murder? Or worse, thinks her kids might be involved.

SECOND ACT is Book 1 of the Second Chances Series. We meet four women, now in middle age, who’ve been friends since they met at summer camp after second grade. Whether they realize it or not, they all need a second chance.

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Marsha+West Marsha R. West, a retired elementary school principal, is also a former school board member and threatre arts teacher. She writes Romance, Suspense, and Second Chances. Experience Required. Marsha lives in Texas with her supportive lawyer husband. Their two daughters presented them with three delightful grandchildren who live nearby. A new dog, Charley, a Chihuahua/Jack Russell Terrier recently adopted them.

MuseItUp Publishing released her first book, VERMONT ESCAPE in July 2013 and her second book, TRUTH BE TOLD, in May 2014. In the fall of 2014. Marsha formed MRW Press LLC to provide a print version of her books. VERMONT ESCAPE is available at Amazon in print or from her in person.  SECOND ACT, Book 1 of the Second Chances Series, follows up with a secondary character from VERMONT ESCAPE and begins a four-part series.

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Monday, September 24
“You promised this wouldn’t happen again, Clay.” Addison Greer glared at the man sitting across from her in her Cowtown Theatre office, the pitch of her voice higher than she intended. She hated confrontations, but those red numbers marching across the spreadsheets covering her desk made her stomach roil and her hands shake.
“Yeah, I know, Addison. I needed more wood than I’d anticipated. After we put the first set together, it didn’t work out, and we had to start over. It wasn’t my fault.” His leg draped over the arm of the chair as if he had no worries, but his voice had taken on the whiny tone that sent Addie’s blood pressure into the stratosphere.

Her fingers tightened around the marker she’d used to highlight the deficits. “No? Then whose? Going over budget isn’t an option, Clay. The theatre can’t survive this way, and since you can’t change, you won’t make it here either.” Addison hated to put it that way, but damn, she’d been plenty patient with Clay Bennett, the theatre’s artistic director.

“What do you mean, I won’t make it. Are you threatening my job?” He set both feet solidly on the floor, jutted out his chin, and clenched his hands on the arms of the chair.
Good thing she wasn’t alone in the building with him. She suspected he’d like to take a swing at her. The first show of the fall season closed last night, and crewmembers were working all over the place disassembling the set, cleaning the costumes, and evaluating make-up needs.
“That’s exactly what I mean, Clay.” The steel in her voice was unmistakable.

Divider One Transparenta

 “And this is my brother-in-law, Mike.” Cindy pulled him forward.
Now those blue eyes fastened on him as they had his brother. Mike’s pulse skipped a beat. Hell. Why had he worn his stupid boots? He wished he had on a highly polished pair of shoes like the ones Pat wore. Even one of those strangling bow ties. Anything to make him seem acceptable to this woman.
“Cindy mentioned that you’re a detective.” Addison emphasized the job title.
“Yes, ma’am.” Mike held the woman’s hand longer than necessary, too. She was gorgeous, and the warmth sent from her sparkling eyes and smiling face spread through him. If he’d worn his western hat, he’d have yanked it off and fiddled nervously with the brim.
“You and Pat certainly chose very intense professions.”
“You might say.” He was like a teenager with his first crush. A waiter passed by, and he set his half-empty glass on the tray. Wouldn’t do to drop it. He’d look like the ass he felt.
“You didn’t finish your champagne, detective. Don’t you like it?” A small crease formed between her eyebrows, apparently worried the champagne they’d chosen for the fundraiser had failed to find favor with him. She tipped her head, waiting for him to answer, as if it was important to her.
“Well, ma’am, I just prefer beer.”
A laugh burst from her mouth, and the corners turned upward, a small dimple winked at him. The laugh morphed into a giggle, which she tried to smother with her fingers. Fingers he’d love to taste, as well as her rose-colored lips.
“I’m so sorry, detective. I’m not laughing at you.”
“No?” He couldn’t help but smile at her, even if she was making fun of him.


typewriter typewriter typewriter typewriter heart

Hold on. This is too sweet. For a novel full of blood and accidents, this sure is a drama and romance.




Okay, I’ll say this now while I still remember it: I found a few typo mistakes here and there which made me think this might be an eARC but I’d need to check on that first.

But really now, WOW. Yeah, well the last scenes were pretty much hot. Not as hot as the uhm, omgmncfghtheomgjhgkitchenomgmnbv but oh my. Can we all take a moment on my attempt to hide the spoiler?


Let’s do this a little bit more seriously:

I hope this won’t be a spoiler but the actual murder act was not hidden to the readers. It was one of those where we see everyone do their best to gather all evidences to get it all out.

Now, for my first sentence. Look, the book was a series of unfortunate events after the other. It must have been hard and all.

The writing was good though it had the tendency to change from one POV to another with zero warnings and since this is written in third-person, it was kinda hard. Not confusing-hard but just what?!-hard.

Anyway, the whole uhm murder act was not what I expected from the cover… but I think the cover is close enough. I should say that the whole story was not all predictable. There were a twist or two that caught me off-guard, but that’s all. It was like watching a show you feel you’re already familiar with but you’re not sure either.

If that made sense.

Now, on to the ridiculously sweet romance. I swear – it shouldn’t have been like this but dammit, I’m shipping them and they’re kinda cute. Well, it started out based in lust and the funny feeling in the stomach but it progresses to something that would fall under love.


The characters were all lovable.

Though Clay was good enough to be irritating at most. He’s kinda persistent.
To me, Addie was the type of woman who always thinks about everything. She started out as someone who can work under pressure but after everything, she was a human being after all. And I loved that. I love how West’s writing showed her emotions and thoughts about what’s happening. Everyone get’s a little out of head and with that, Addie felt more real to me.
Mike, on the other hand, was good in keeping his emotions in tact. He’s actually the reason why I can say that the “relationship” (at the beginning it was “relationship” but it ended as a relationship.) was based on lust. But the story kept moving on and sooner or later, we got into his POV and well, turned the tables. He’s quite charming.
Elizabeth had to be the realest thing. At start, she was really annoying, being self-centred and all, but I love how her character grew.
Her twin, Jer, on the other hand, showed little of his real emotions. He got little of the attention that I think he deserves. I just hope he got a little bit more.

Overall, Second Act is a great read. It went in a pace that continuously flows. It had a mix light drama, and sweet/steamy romance that spiced up the story. Go ahead and give the gorgeous book a try! Chances are, you won’t regret it. Scratch that. Go get the book and read it now.




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