Okay, after two weeks, I’m finally here – ON TIME.


Okay, I’m going to be honest – I almost forgot today is a Wednesday.


So, the previous week, I decided to edit the graphics beforehand and then just schedule my posts so I won’t miss anything.

But I encountered one problem. I haven’t read much books lately and so I can’t find any books to get quotes from.


But for this week, I managed to find one I have decided to pick a quote from Flirting With Love. You guys can go ahead and read my review HERE. Yes, it opens it a new tab.


Note: Yeah well, I have some poor graphics this time because well, I have no idea what to do. I should remind you that I consider myself an artist and well,my dear muse is disturbed.

So here we go:

Sometimes, the bigger risks have the best rewards.

flirtingwithlove1 flirtingwithlove2

I told you.

Okay now.

For me, this quote is what is.

Taking on risks is for the strong-willed people. Risks can make you gain what you want or maybe even more but sometimes, it can make you lose everything. But you see, some risks are worth taking. And you know how it goes – the harder you work, the better reward you’ll get. That also works for risks. Sometimes, when you take a risk on something where you lose a lot, and life moves in your favour, you get the bigger present. It’s not luck. It’s not all about your hard work. Risks should be taken at the right time. You can’t go and risk everything every time. You need to take a good look at the situation before you make a decision. As they say, everything will happen in due time. Or something like that.  Don’t rush everything. Life is too short to kill yourself worrying about everything. Sometimes, you’ll have to let time and destiny flow.

Now, guys, listen up. I am going away for the month of May. I have no idea when I’ll have internet or anything. I have no idea whether I’ll have any way to update. I have no idea when we’ll move on form one place to another. I have no idea when I’ll be back here in my safe cave. I have no idea where we’ll actually go – yes, I am clueless to the itinerary. Help me. As much as I want to stay, I have to go with them. There is still one more Wednesday for April and I’ll make I’m here to post stuff. I hope ya’ll understand and kindly bring people when I’m not around? 

Love you guys,



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