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Still Into You (Never Over You #2) by Ryleigh Andrews

Genre: Contemporary, New Adult, Romance, Sports

Published: 21 April 2015

Source: eARC provided for the tour

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SIY Cover Still Into You (Never Over You #2)

What happens when you continually run from your demons?

When Mia watched Ethan walk out of her life, she did what she did best—she ran—ran from the only person who ever made her feel safe; home.

They work even harder to try and find you.

He was her everything and she let him slip away.

And when they do … they’ll come at you full force, guns blazing.

Hitting rock bottom forced Mia to stop. Now she needed to dig herself out. Figuring out how to do that required help, maybe a plan. She had to face those demons. Not an easy task when she spent her entire life running from them.

Would Ethan still be there for Mia after all was said and done? Or would she find that he had moved on? Or would he still be into her?

young lovers kissing on the couch

Ryleigh  Ryleigh Andrews

During the day, Ryleigh is an analyst, but even then, she’s writing, sneakily crafting scenes on post-it notes. She’s been told she’s a bit of a geek…some say nerd. She’ll agree to it all. She loves music. It’s been a force in her life for as long as she can remember. Her love of Star Wars and superheroes has probably been going on just as long…see, this is where the geek/nerd thing comes into play. But, most of all, Ryleigh loves the written word. She’s been writing for a long time. Her first story came to her during one of her history classes. She wrote it in the margins of her notebook in teeny tiny letters so no one knew that she was writing a book instead of taking notes on 16th Century Europe. She currently lives in Chicago, Illinois, with her husband and son, along with her Siberian Husky, Mick Jagger, and her cat, Winston Churchill.

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With her lips above his stomach, her tears tried to make an appearance, but she fought hard, not wanting them to ruin this moment.

His hand pushed aside her fallen hair, tucking it behind her ear as he caressed her cheek and then her mouth. She kissed each finger as they slowly crossed her lips.

He rolled them over and stared down at her. Lowering his head, he lightly kissed each closed eye, causing a lone tear to slip down her cheek, puddling by her earlobe.

“Open your eyes, suga,” he beckoned her, situating himself between her legs. She felt him hard against her center, waiting, yet she kept her eyes shut.

“Look at me,” he ordered again before kissing her lips. Mia finally opened her eyes, focusing on his as he slowly entered her. She couldn’t help it—her eyelids slid closed at how good it felt to have him inside of her.

Ethan stopped moving and held her chin between his thumb and index finger. “No, keep them open. Look at me,” he repeated as he pushed himself all the way inside with one swift stroke.

“Ah, fuck,” she said on an exhale of breath, loving the way he filled her so completely, so perfectly.


typewriter typewriter typewriter typewriter

Uhm, next book please? I mean, hello? It’s just the start of the good life. We can’t stop here.

I know, here I go again, starting off with my needy outburst of needing the next book, but please.


Anyway, I’m going to start off with my little list of complaints so we can party up about this book because OH. MY. GOSH.

Okay, it’s not actually all complaints but more like, pointing them out.

Where do I start?…


Okay, I’ll say this. This was not a smooth ride. There were times that I totally want to slap Mia to knock some realisation and motivation and life into her. I mean, I understand her disposition. It’s not easy. This book and Bring Me You are both roller coaster rides. Most of all, I love how she found her resolve in the end, making the book really beautiful.

My friends tell me they think I’m quite bipolar and now, I think I just read a glimpse on how hard it could have been for them to deal with me… 

The writing – I’m not complaining here, made the characters feel a lot like younger than they were. Usually, I’ll be annoyed when the author kept on mentioning the same fact over and over again (Like the French thing in the first book) but this time around, I didn’t mind being reminded of their age.

And one last thing I’d like to point out. Uhm, this book is heavily sexual. *blinks rapidly*

It’s not really a complain but there were just really many encounters in here. *woah.* The first book is heavier – not just sexually, but yeah, but you get the point.

Through out, there were a lot of dramatizing stuff, too cheesy moments, heart-aching scenes.

You get the point. This book can be funny as hell and dramatic like there’s no tomorrow.

I am not shipping Mia and Ethan as hard as I thought I would but, surprise! I don’t. I don’t hate them. I am just okay with them.

I mean, they are sweet. They’re freaking romantic, sweet, and well, hawt like nobody’s business but it comes down to the fact that it feels not whole to me.

If that makes sense.

Don’t get me wrong, I love them. I love everyone.

But I am shipping Allie and Luke harder than Mia and Ethan.



I love the plot. The second book is lighter than the first one. This is a lot brighter than Bring Me You and I love how Mia grew. I love her progress. She’s heading the bright side now and I really can’t believe how the people around her took so long to help. I didn’t like that but that’s in the past so…

I love the music things, the movie, the football – although I never understood a thing about that sport. Haha. I’m sorry everyone. 

Anyway. Overall, this book is dramatic, funny, and romantic. This book, scratch that, the series itself, is so sweet. It’s not just about Mia’s love life and well, sex life. It’s about a girl coping, her friends surrounding her, helping her all the way through. She might have been stubborn but here is now. I love that – that is the main factor why I love this book. I love the friendships. I just love the growth and depth of most of the characters – Ethan as exception, I’m sorry. I tried!! Please spare my life. I still need to read the third book and help more authors out there.

Speaking of that, I am most definitely excited for the third book (OMG I HEAR WEDDING BELLS I WANT TO INVITED THERE. – but seriously, serious danger ahead!!! I’m panicking!!!!)



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