#WordsForWednesday (10)



I’m having a little moment here. Imagine that! Tenth week!!! This is crazy. And hey, it’s the last Wednesday for the month of April. Like, OMG.

This week, I’ve come prepared. Hahahahaha. Hey, be happy for me too. I’m also prepared for the next two or three weeks too. At least be proud of me!!

Not really, I’ve just read a few books with lots of quotable quotes. I’m not in a pinch this time.

So here is the quote that I want to share to you guys this week:

Well, what’s done is done. Nothing much we can do about it now, just the cards we’re dealt with.

This quote is from Blue Streak by Jules Bernard.

I love this book!! Review to come! I actually have so many reviews to post!

And here are the stuff I edited:

Actually, they’re not much different from each other. I used the same stuff actually. I’m such a cheat.

You can inspect them closely by clicking on them. They open on a new tab after all.

bluestreak1 bluestreak2


Oh my gosh. Can you see them? I’ve started to put credit thing on my graphics! Haha.

Anyhow, For me, this quote is pretty much self-explanatory. Is it just me or I actually say that line a lot??

Moving on, our quote this week is one that doesn’t need much thinking. It’s simple.

Life is life – no matter how much will you have, you can’t turn back time. You can’t change what already has happened. It’s the past – there’s nothing you/we can do about it. But the thing is, there’s this time called present. The NOW. Right this very moment. In this time we’re living in, you have your choices. You have the freedom and right to do and pick the right choice. You see, whether you’ll want to do something about the past depends on how you do today. Everything’s laid up in front of you right now, all you need to do is pick up the right card to play.

THERE YOU GO. Omg so deep.

Anywhooo. Can we now move on about how I totally love this novellaI don’t want to say that, but well, it is.

AND GEEZ, I ALMOST FORGOT. I made another thing that I call bonus. I actually didn’t do much on this but well, I love this line so much.


Blue Streak is a novella. OMG. I love this book. I’m starting on the series real soon and I’m really looking forward on doing that.

And you should know what comes up after that. Yerp, more reviews to come. I’ll be posting my review for this book real soon, like maybe tomorrow or on Friday – because I can’t wait to share all my feelings about this book!!!


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