Here’s To: Bring Me You by Ryleigh Andrews

Bring Me You (Never Over You #1) by Ryleigh Andrews

Genre: Contemporary, Drama, Music, New Adult, Romance, Sports

Published: 4 December 2014

Pages: ebook, 390 pages

Source: Copy provided in exchange for an honest review 

BMTY Bring Me You (Never Over You #1)

 Pro quarterback, Ethan Christopher thought he had found his home when he met rock musician, Mia Devereux. She was the welcomed distraction in his football-focused life.

Things may not have been perfect. Their individual careers made being together difficult. Her touring. His away schedule. As her success grew, they spent more extended periods apart.

But at the end of the day, he knew he wanted to spend the rest of his life with her. Only her.

When Mia met Ethan, she felt a connection unlike any she’d ever felt. She gave him more of herself than she thought was even possible.

But she knew it wasn’t enough. There was a lot she didn’t share, couldn’t give him. An event two decades in her past made sure of that.

Those demons that she’d so carefully tucked away wanted out. As Mia struggled with the stress of touring and being apart from Ethan, her defenses weakened, allowing the demons to fight their way to the surface, leaving her in a vulnerable place. A place where bad choices were made.

Choices that both of them will regret.

Can Mia and Ethan’s love survive her past? Or will it fall apart under the weight of her choices?

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Ryleigh  Ryleigh Andrews

During the day, Ryleigh is an analyst, but even then, she’s writing, sneakily crafting scenes on post-it notes. She’s been told she’s a bit of a geek…some say nerd. She’ll agree to it all. She loves music. It’s been a force in her life for as long as she can remember. Her love of Star Wars and superheroes has probably been going on just as long…see, this is where the geek/nerd thing comes into play. But, most of all, Ryleigh loves the written word. She’s been writing for a long time. Her first story came to her during one of her history classes. She wrote it in the margins of her notebook in teeny tiny letters so no one knew that she was writing a book instead of taking notes on 16th Century Europe. She currently lives in Chicago, Illinois, with her husband and son, along with her Siberian Husky, Mick Jagger, and her cat, Winston Churchill.

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typewriter typewriter typewriter heart

This book is highly dramatic I ran out of tears.

The thing is, I understood Mia. I did. But still, I couldn’t help but get annoyed with how she dealt with the whole matter. But I understood her which made reading this a tug of war for me.

How everybody acted around Mia frustrated me. Let’s just not talk about it.

But actually, those frustrations are the main reasons why I jumped to the second book right after reading this.

Okay, the characters. I told you, they were half-frustrating and pure good people. I love them, actually. But they were frustrating, okay? Let me just say that. I love their friendship and Ethan. Oh. My. Gosh. Ethan. Just. OMG. Individually, the characters were a little bit hard to love but easy to like. They were fun and annoying at the same time. But that was only because they’re real – and I love that about everyone. This book was not a case of perfect everybody. They were all realistic.

Next, the plot. I love the music factor! The pace went up and down. I have mentioned this before – reading this book was like riding a roller coaster. There were actual moments when I wanted to stop reading but continued anyway. And in return, this book shattered my broken heart. It was dramatic. It was romantic. It was sweet. I like the writing.

Overall, even though the everyone irked me a little bit more than I thought they would, should, they were all real, flawed people. I love that realness factor of this book. I love the music. I understand next to nothing about football but I like that too. I like the romance even though Ethan started out as too-good-to-be-true kind of person. By the end, I caught a glimpse of the growth in the characters. The writing is great. And the second book is a must read.

Spoiler alert: The second book is life. This is the start of that life.


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