#WordsForWednesday (11)

You don’t know how much time and effort I used in making these graphics so you better appreciate them.

That was too straightforward and commanding and so not me. I’m so sorry!!!

This week, I have a quote from this wonderful book called Still Into You by Ryleigh Andrews. Sound familiar? Should do. I featured that heart-wrenching book a week or so ago. Go read my review.

Without further chit-chat, here’s out quote for the week:

Strange how life the deals the cards sometimes.

I know, there goes the cards again. Anyway, I love this book, this quote is quotable. You get me.

And now, for the graphics I’m actually excited to share to you!!

Wow, I’m really excited. Don’t get me wrong but sharing my edits don’t usually excite me this much. I’m so excited, it shocks me.

neveroveryou1 neveroveryou2b

neveroveryou3 neveroveryou4

I’m so happy about that diamond thing. It looks so pastel and girly and I love it, haha. I actually tried to recreate that but I have no idea how it became like that. I disappoint myself. I’m sorry, self. I was just trying to make it to a wallpaper or bookmark size then share them, so you know…

But yeah, you get my theme – suits.

Wait. That was my previous blog theme. Before I changed it all up.

Woah. Strange how life deals the cards sometimes.

I used the quote in a situation! Omygosh. I’ve never been prouder of myself before this! 

As usual, you can inspect them up close by clicking on them because they open in a new tab. Just don’t do the heart. Just because.

This week, I don’t have any bonus for you guys because I invested too much time in doing those already. Give me a break, I still have this pile to finish reading. *looks at TBR pile beside the bed* *sighs* *mutters* Maybe I’ll just go to sleep.. *sleeps* 

Now, let me tell you what I think about this quote:

Life is unexpected. Right when you think it’s going great, it’s going good, it throws you off with a sudden trump card under his sleeve. That card, can cause you to lose your head in the game – in what’s important. It can lead you astray. And dear people of Earth, I’m talking life. Life is trying to be funny like that. Throws the hard stuff to people who already have it rough. Throws funny stuff to people who are already having fun. But you know what? It all falls down to us as individuals. You know what they say, it’s not about what you’ve been through. It’s about how you dealt with it. Life is easy like that. It throws you stuff you’re not expecting. It can be good or the best thing in your whole mortal life. Or it could be the hardest thing you’ll ever get through. Just remember these few things: Nobody ever had everything handed to them. Nope. Maybe right now, they get all they want, but trust me, they’ll meet their opponent. AND only you can turn your life around, because in the end, who can help you depends on who you let in.

And sometimes, the person you try to keep out of your life is who you need and that person you’re trying to keep is the one who’s dragging you down.

Regardless of everything, life goes on, honey. Time won’t wait. It’s an impatient thing, you see. And life, is hella random and hella unexpected. It loves surprises, you see.

If you need some kind of reassurance, nobody ever gets out alive. Some people just get lucky and get out with a life well lived. Go and play those weird cards life threw at you with the right hand and mind and you will probably join the lucky people club.


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