A Happy Mother’s Day!!

I don’t know about you but it’s Mother’s Day here so I’m going to greet every single mother a Happy mother’s day!

I know people give gifts and all that kind of stuff during the holidays but I’m broke and poor, and all I have to offer is love and warm greetings so I hope I can get my feelings through words…

They say that there’s nothing like a mother’s touch and of course, mother knows best.

I know that I’m not the only to say this but I’ll still do: I believe that mothers shouldn’t only get a day of appreciation but throughout the year and then the year after that and then the next and so on.

They say that Behind every man’s success is a woman. I say that behind every person is a great woman. No matter who you are, what you do, your mother has always been there for you and if it weren’t because of her, you literally won’t be here. 

A few days ago, a radio DJ said that we should all appreciate our mothers while we still can. We grow old but so do they. My mother always tells me that I need to remember that she won’t be here forever, and I know that.

Life might be unexpected and all that, but there’s one person who will always accept you for who you are. Your mother.

A mother, at all costs, is still a human being. A super awesome human being but still. She gets hurt, she experiences pain, she gets tired. She, too, makes mistakes. She says things, she has her own opinion. She’s flawed and has those weird habits that you have no idea how she got. She can be very annoying and real frustrating at times, but remember, she’s your mother and there’s no else like her. She sets aside everything about her just for you, and tell me if that’s not heroic. She, too, gets frustrated and annoyed. But does she walk out and throws a tantrum every time?

I think that we all need a reminder that a mother is someone you have in your heart forever. There’s nothing like going through everything with that one person who will never ever stop believing in you. A mother will always love her child, even if you’re not a child anymore.

If you still have your mother with you, you have wasted enough time being angry with her. Life is too short for negativity and misgivings. There are these people who are not close to their mothers, some never even met theirs. Some don’t have their mothers anymore. Appreciate her. Learn to accept that your mother isn’t technically perfect but if there’s anything on Earth that we can comes close, it is and will always be a mother.

There was this one time when we (me and my best friend) assisted a little school pageant for elementary school students. One third grader was asked: Who is your favourite hero? I have no idea what she said. I have no idea how many kids were asked the same question or what their answers were. All I remember was that I and my best friend blurted out: “my mother.”

This goes out to mothers everywhere, you should be called superheroes. This goes out to everyone who still has their mothers, learn to appreciate your number one fan. This goes out to everyone who has lost their mothers already, you still have your family and friends and their mothers. If that doesn’t work out, I’m here. No one can replace a mother but if you collect little pebbles and stick them together, you can create a wonderful mosaic of memories of happy things. This goes out to every woman who can’t be a mother. It is a royal and special job, but things happen for a reason. You can be a hero to other people, a special someone to others without giving birth. Life is a constant struggle and you play an important role.

In the end, who you are and what you turned out to be is something you’ll always owe to your mother. If life gets too rough and you’re already playing with fire, remember that there’s this one woman who loves you unconditionally and believes in you.



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