A Liebster Award Nomination – HOLD ON, A WHAT?!

Believe it or not, it seems like I am nominated for an award! Crazy! The wonderful Katie from Running Through The Library is responsible for the news.


In case you didn’t know, the Liebster Award is am award for new bloggers. I never expected to be noticed enough to be nominated for anything and I am extremely honoured to have been nominated.

Gracious goodness. 

The Rules:

  • Link back to the person who nominated you
  • Answer the questions given by the nominator
  • Nominate new bloggers [with less than 200 followers]
  • Come up with 11 questions for your nominated bloggers to answer
  • Notify your nominees

This is way too crazy I can’t even

I nominate… actually, I know no one.


I have read somewhere (click on the link!) that I am supposed to nominate 5-11 blogs… uhm, can I nominate two people? I’m not good with this socializing thing…

Anyway, I would like to nominate:

Rivana is pretty special because well, she’s the very first person to actually talk to me and follow my blog, I treasure her. ❤

And I know it’s so rude of me to assume that you guys have less than 200 followers but forgive my ignorance, please?


The questions from Running Through The Library:

1. What is your ideal setting for reading?

Anywhere with a good light. I literally can read anywhere, anyhow, anywhen – as long as I have a book with me (which is always) and there is enough light for me to read. In cases where there isn’t, well, that’s what Kindles are for!

2. If you have to pick one favourite author, who would it be?

Morph Stephanie Perkins and Becca Fitzpatrick and Lex Martin and Jennifer Lane and Alex London and Elizabeth Heither into one. 


Okay, maybe Jennifer Lane. I’m sure she has the power to write everything. I’ll be satisfied. She can write mystery if she tries a little harder because suspense isn’t so far from it. And she probably can write YA too, since she’s already writing NA and Adult.

She’s it. Yeah.

3. What’s your favourite season and why?

I was just about to ask of what show but then I realized that was not it.

Actually, I live in a country where there are only two seasons. Brace yourselves. These two seasons are wet and dry seasons. Haha. It’s true! The curse of living in a tropical country… Anyway, the dry season is our summer aka time when the country morphs into a giant oven and the wet season is when it rains aka the time typhoons attack the country at least once a month. But there’s this not-so-little problem called global warming which means nobody can actually distinguished the difference between the two because it storms in the middle of the dry season and it’s a freaking oven in the middle of November.  

If I have to choose, it’ll probably be the wet season. It’s not exactly great because endless rain and all that but the air is cool. Or at least when it’s December to January.

BUT if I have to choose form the four seasons – spring, summer, autumn, winter, I’m pretty sure I’ll be picking autumn. I love the colours. I love cold but not freezing cold weather. I love the feel of falling and changing to something that’s deadly and beautiful and the scene of just change.

4. eBook or hard copy?

Hard copy all the waaayy! I am a sucker for that real feel of a book and the book scent! It will always be something an eBook can never ever match.

5. Where do you get most of the books you read?

I get most of my eBooks from Kindle and well, the review copies I receive.

On the other hand, I get my hard copies on the nearest local book store (National Book Store).

6. What’s your favourite genre of music?

Is this a trick question or something? Will this question decide if we’re going to be friends or something?

Honestly, I don’t have a favourite genre in music. I love Taylor Swift and she’s a genre of her own. Pop and R&B, I guess… judging from my music library.

7. If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?

Funny how often I ask this question to myself. I have told you the extreme circumstances of the weather where I live and let me tell you that it’s not fun. The country itself isn’t all that either. The people can be totally chill with everything or raging wars about everything. There’s no in between.

At the moment, I don’t think I can answer that question. I’m thinking of migrating somewhere else but at the same time, that thought scares the living hell in me. I’m awkward and I don’t fit anywhere. I’m more of a go-with-the-wrong-kind-of-flow kinda girl and most of the time, I leave all the decisions to life. It’s reckless but I’m lazy like that. I live life like it is and jump to opportunities when they show up. So far… I think it’ll get me through.

8. What’s your best (happiest, proudest, whatever) memory?

I have a bad memory. Literally. Especially when I try to remember anything. It takes me a few hours. HOURS not minutes! It sucks.

Okay, I tried hard. And I really wasn’t able to think of anything. Actually, I almost shared a lame fake-romance story but never mind that.

This is nothing big but when I actually realized that I made a song, I was extremely happy. It was complete with a tune and I can already hear the background music but unfortunately, I can’t play any impressive instrument – like a guitar or piano or drums or bass or violin or whatever that’s not flute.

But hey, I made a song. It actually haunts me sometimes because it has a really catchy chorus. I hate me sometimes.

9. Dogs or Cats?

CATSS!!!!! I am and forever will be a CATS-A-KINDA-PERSON. Yeah. I don’t like dogs. No. CATS RULE THE WORLD AND THE INTERNET. YAAASS CATTSSS!!!

whawhawhawhawhawhahwhahahwhwhshwatdzhfjrWWYggif highliyunrelatedbutthisistoocutegif hideegif B_zjGTeWsAIBvQogif

My friends actually call me the kitten of our squad. I’m adorable like that. But then the nickname transforms to tigress or lioness or cheetah (actually, we call each other cheetah when we’re playing some kind of game. Cheater – cheetah, you got it, right?) depending on my mood.

And I’m not sorry for showing you a part of my reaction gifs – cats edition.

10. What do you think makes a book a good book?

THE CHARACTERS. I live for wonderful, with-depth, alive characters. I don’t care if the plot is all shiny and new and has never been written by some other else before. I don’t care who wrote the book. I don’t care who published it and when. A book is a good book if the characters get into me and makes me live their story. A cliche with real, alive, fun characters is better than a brand new kind of plot with boring, I-had-a-nap-every-other-page, imaginary kind of characters.

It comes down to how the author showed me the characters but I have the marvellous ability to love a character and hate the writing so…

OKAY! Thank you if you actually read my hell of answers there. You, like, you know, deserve all the good things on Earth, and I hope you live a really great and awersome life because you know good people only deserve the best. And there’s this commercial on TV where it says: 

“What do you give to someone who has everything?”


So for me, 

“What do you give to a good person?”

“All my luck, everything great, everything awesome, a beautiful life, all the love on Earth, EVERYTHING!”

Sorry for the random ramblings…


  1. Tell me a mainstream book you’ve read and how you felt about it. (Explanation: Everybody talks about this book. I [love it/am okay with it/don’t get all the hype AT. ALL.])
  2. What is that one book that you just can’t help but wonder why you even read?
  3. What is that one series that you’ll forever recommend to everyone?
  4. Do you read a book first before the movie or watch the movie first before the book?
  5. Ice cream or pizza?
  6. In five words, describe your life the last person you talked to. (Example: I don’t even know him OR She just asked a question OR use adjectives for the person: brunette, stranger, cute, THOSE EYEBROWS! – see? that’s five words. HA!)
  7. Does the publisher actually affect your judgement of a book?
  8. If you can redesign a book cover, which book would it be? (Explanation: I freaking love this book so much I’d marry it but that cover! We can do hella better than that, darling! *cries* If only I can design a book cover!!)
  9. If there is a character you never ever ever want to switch lives with, who would it be?
  10. What’s your record of fastest reading time? (Explanation: a full length novel, sweetie. Four hours? Three?)
  11. If you could only listen to one artist for the rest of your life, who would it be?

There you go, I spent the past thirty minutes thinking of these questions and still thinking what my happiest memory is…

Anyway, I hope you visit the people I nominated because they’re awesome and lovable. Go follow them! And for fun, I’ll be posting another post where I answer those questions I asked them. Just because.


One thought on “A Liebster Award Nomination – HOLD ON, A WHAT?!

  1. Aww I had no idea you thought of me that way. I feel the same way, too. 😀
    These questions are quite challenging because my preferences change from time to time. But I think it’ll be fun answering these questions, especially because it’s mostly about books. Thanks again for nominating me! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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