#WordsForWednesday (12)

Okay, I actually didn’t finish doing the graphics for this one so you’ll have to forgive me for the poorly edits stuff this week. I just can’t get my sleeping schedule right. It’s messing with my life big time.

You really didn’t need to know about my messed up sleeping schedule.

Anyway, for this week, I have a quote from The Mercy of the Night by David Corbett.

You can find my review on Goodreads or look for it in Book Referees.

No one can hide forever.

I was actually supposed to make another theme for this but I kinda lost track of everything including time and space and life actually so we’d have make do with there accidental stuff.

 themercyofthenight1 themercyofthenight1bthemercyofthenight2

Okay, honestly, I don’t want to explain what those are supposed to be but I think you get the main theme.

Now, No one can hide forever.

As much as I would like to leave this quote for you to interpret, I made this weekly thing for me to share my thoughts about a sentence. And now I seriously wonder why I ever did.

No one can hide forever.

Life is a big labyrinth. And no one ever comes out alive. It’s a big adventure where you bump into other people – you make friends, enemies. You pass by strangers in the search of the way out. You wonder how you got there in the first place. But people aren’t the only things in the labyrinth. Monsters. Nightmares. Aliens. Emotions. All those things swim with everyone and cling on to us when the waves come crashing in. People try to find a way around the labyrinth. Some try the sky only to find that when you get too close to the sun, you lose your wings and fall down – just like Icarus. Some try to go by the waves only to find that the wind stops blowing at one place and the sun shines too hot and the waters dry up and they find themselves stuck in the middle of nowhere. Some try to go with people, follow where they go but beneath all the fake smiles, they don’t want to take down a wall with the person that helped them out. Some people try to crash and leave their marks everywhere. They go fast and hard and leave a wonderful imprint. But imprints don’t mean everything for these marks can destroy someone else’s path.

And some… they meet a dead end and get cornered by the monsters. And when these people do find a way to escape that wall, they become afraid to walk again – they keep on running. They go on a journey where it’s a complete run-and-hide. No rest. When someone comes close, run. When someone runs after, hide.

But no one can hide forever.

As much as there’s no secret that’s never revealed, there’s no one in hiding that can’t be found.

Just know that eventually, some one will come in and fend off the nightmares you’ve been trying to hide from. They always catch up to you anyway. No matter where you go. So, how about try to let some people in to help you get through them. Monsters, as long as they’re alive, will run after you. You have to destroy that. You have to face that nightmare. You have to own that fear. You have to overpower that alien. And you have to have someone you can lean on and will back you up in times of these battles.

No one can hide forever so don’t even bother.


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