Here’s To: Nobody’s Secret by Michaela MacColl

Nobody’s Secret by Michaela MacColl

Genre: Historical, Mystery, Poetry, Young Adult

Pages: Hardcover, 241 pages

Published: 30 April 2013, Chronicle Book (first published : 16 April 2013)

Source: Owned

Nobodys Secret Cover HI RES Nobody’s Secret

One day, fifteen-year-old Emily Dickinson meets a mysterious, handsome young man. Surprisingly, he doesn’t seem to know who she or her family is. And even more surprisingly, he playfully refuses to divulge his name. Emily enjoys her secret flirtation with Mr. “Nobody” until he turns up dead in her family’s pond. She’s stricken with guilt. Only Emily can discover who this enigmatic stranger was before he’s condemned to be buried in an anonymous grave. Her investigation takes her deep into town secrets, blossoming romance, and deadly danger. Exquisitely written and meticulously researched, this novel celebrates Emily Dickinson’s intellect and spunk in a page-turner of a book that will excite fans of mystery, romance, and poetry alike.

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Michaela MacColl Michaela MacColl

I’ve always been fascinated by stories of how famous people grew up to be that way.

Michaela attended Vassar College and Yale University. She earned degrees in multi-disciplinary history. Unfortunately, it took her 20 years before she realized she was learning how to write historical fiction. Michaela has two daughters so she’s hoping to identify those moments firsthand. Her books include Prisoners in the Palace (2010)  and Promise the Night (2011). Her literary mysteries include Nobody’s Secret (featuring Emily Dickinson) and Always Emily (with the Bronte sisters). She and her family live in Connecticut.

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Fun fact: My best friend gave this to me as a Christmas present.

Okay, I didn’t know anything about this book when Is started it. Actually it was my sister who started reading it first but stopped around Chapter six or seven or something…

I didn’t know that this is somewhat like a fan fiction. And I hate fanfictions.

Anyway, I’ll make my review short because this book is short.

Nobody’s Secret is a historical mystery. I had no idea that it is until I started on it. I am not a huge fan for historical novels but I am a huge fan of historical mysteries. Mainly because Sherlock Holmes is set somewhere in the past because it was written somewhen that time…

This book has a good mystery. I predicted what was going to happen in the first half but since Emily is quite the little adventurous daredevil, it became quite an adventure solving the mystery. It was not hard to piece the puzzles together but one fact about me: I have never been good in solving mysteries that are written in Old English. Not that I can’t – haven’t, because I have but still.

Therefore, I am telling you. If you love mysteries, Emily Dickens, historical novels, poetry, or when you’re just bored, go pick this book up.

I admit, this book doesn’t have much action. Mainly I assume because Emily has a weak body to start with.

I love the hint of the romance. It was not that obvious but it’s there, lying underneath the mystery.

Michaela’s writing was great too. I didn’t find any faults on her Old English writing, and it seemed authentic enough to me.

The characters, on the other hand, were also great. They didn’t felt alive enough for me but did fine. I liked everyone, and let me tell you this: The first chapter made a huge impact for me. And that chapter is important too. I mean, if you’re reading a mystery novel, you would already know how important the first chapter is.

Overall, Nobody’s Secret gave justice to my mystery novel standards. It was not all predictable but the clues around aren’t hard to pick up. It went on a good pace. It was not boring though it would have been better if it was more lively. The characters were all fine though I can’t say I had a deep connection with them. There’s a hint of romance that you wouldn’t really care about but would still root for them by the end. There’s a little author’s note where Michaela clarifies all Emily Dickens in this book. As I already mentioned, I can recommend this book to anyone who’s up for some mystery or historical, or poetry, or anything Emily Dickens. Or if you’re just bored. This is the kind of book you can read on a quiet weekend afternoon when the sun is perfectly warm and there’s just a light breeze of wind. Perfect read on that kind of day. Plus, it’s really short! ❤


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