Stop, Look, Read On: Always Remembered by Kelly Risser BOOK TOUR!! [GIVEAWAY+REVIEW!]

Always Remembered (Never Forgotten #3) by Kelley Risser 

Genre: Fantasy, Romance, Young Adult

Pages: eBook edition, 250 pages

Published: 19 May 2015, Clean Teen Publishing

Source: Copy provided in exchange for an honest review

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I clearly remember planning to writing out my review for the first two books and posting them before this one but… Anywho

 Ebook - Always Remembered  Always Remembered (Never Forgotten #3) 

One clue… what does it mean?

Ken, the leader of the Blue Men of the Minch, has kidnapped Evan. Before they left, Evan was able to leave a package for Meara—her grandfather’s necklace wrapped in a cloth napkin with one word written in blood. Azuria. Unfortunately, Meara doesn’t understand it and neither does her dad or Kieran.

When Dad and Aunt Brigid attempt to rescue Evan, Meara and Kieran begin to train the clan on how to fight and defend their home. A war is brewing, and Meara is determined their people must prepare for the battle. The training sessions are long and arduous, but the Selkies work hard to learn.

Meanwhile, Evan wakes and finds himself in Belle Tresor, the home of sirens. He’s bound to his blue form, unable to transform to human, and Ken has plans to use Evan’s powers to destroy the Selkies. Thankfully, he’s not alone. He befriends a siren named Deanna and several Blue Men. Can he trust them to help him escape or do they have ulterior motives?
As both sides prepare for an ultimate confrontation, the stakes are high and friendships are tested. Some will rise to be victorious. Some will be destroyed. But love and loyalty will be always remembered in this exciting conclusion to the Never Forgotten series.

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kelly risser Kelly Risser

Becoming a published author is a lifetime dream come true. As a child, I subjected friends and family to my “KellyMark” greeting cards (“When you care enough to make the very best.”), poetry, homemade magazines, and short stories. In high school, my short story, “If Only to Escape” was published in the local paper, and I won a writing contest for my children’s story, “Televisella.” In college, my creative writing tapered off, but I still managed to write the occasional review for The Marquette University Tribune. Once I graduated, I mixed creative writing with business writing, and I’ve held positions in Advertising, Marketing, and Instructional Design/eLearning Development.

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typewriter typewriter typewriter typewriter

Oh, advance apology in case my review won’t be too helpful. It seems to me that I just unloaded most of my feelings. Because.. emotions. .

I. Love. This. Series. So. Much. Soososososoosmuuuuucccchhh.



I just love this so much I have no idea where to start.

Okay, so one thing, I anticipated what happened here. Yeah. Except for the *spoiler*. Because well, and that *spoiler*

Okay, if I continue that, this would be full of that.

It seems like I am not reading a lot of fantasies in my life, I am more of a contemporary YA/NA romance or any kind of mystery kinda girl and fantasies… well, I lack quite a bit on that department… Maybe I have read more of horror than fantasy… okay maybe not.

That said, I can tell you that I knew this was gonna happen when it started in the second book. Okay, the romance, I’ll admit this. I am not up for Evan right from the start. I already felt like someone else needed to come along but I must admit, they did look cute. But yep. Kieran 5ever.

Okay, so one thing, I love the ending. I think that’s the best for everyone. I am infinitely happy for Ula since obviously, she’s my favourite thing – aside from Bridgid and Kieran and Uncle Angus.


Okay, that was a spoiler.

I’m sorry. But feelings! Feelings!

Alright. Okay, I just need to remember the epilogue and I’ll be fine. Yes. I love it. I love this series.

Next, the writing. Have you ever read a book that’s in dual POV? Yes, of course, silly me. But well, let me tell you that the other POV is in third person. Yeah well it happens. Yeah, especially in this book (and the book before this)  I found the writing fine. I love the characters instantly and actually, in short words, let me just tell you that this series sucked me in. Yeah, that’s pretty much it. I read the whole series in two days (with a grudgingly taken sleep break and sister duties). I breathed the series.

If I am to describe this book in one sentence, it would be: A perfect series ender.

Yes, I love how it ended. It’s the best it can ever be.

I fell instantly in love with the characters, even though half of them disappeared as time went by. I love them.

Overall, this book is precious. The whole series will always have a special place in my heart (right in the middle probably, they’re quite a stack but yes.) It’s the kind of book with a pretty much cliche flow that you don’t mind because details and characters weigh heavier. The writing is great. The flow was good. And the plot, I love it. What I love the most about this book is that my heart broke because of too much love. Okay, so there was a hint of sadness but generally, this book is great adventure. I love the character development, I love the romance, I love everything and everyone (if I hadn’t said that enough times yet) Just. Read. The. Whole. Series. This is the kind of book you read when you have lots of time to spare because I am telling you, you will calmly want the next book after the other. If you love fantasy, romance, and the water, this book is for you. The waves are telling you. You better believe them.

Go. Especially since the first book is free.

“Is it just me or the seal winked at us?” 



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