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A SECRET TO KEEP by Railyn Stone

Genre: [New/Young] Adult, Contemporary, Romance

Pages: Paperback, 330 pages

Published: 4 June 2015, 5 Prince Publishing

Source: eARC provided for the tour

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 cover copy astk A SECRET TO KEEP

Keeping secrets is a horrible way to live. Sloane Davis should know.

She’s kept her son a secret from his father for almost a year.

Now, her worst nightmare is coming true. Her ex is re-entering her professional life in the midst of the biggest project of her career. She’s about to come face to face with the only man she’s ever loved – her son’s father.

Gates McCall is a brash man. He hasn’t always been this way, but when Sloane walked out on him, something inside him broke. When his company’s newest acquisition brings the two of them together once more, little does he know seeing her will bring back a flood of memories, feelings, and an unexpected surprise.

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“Hey, come back to the here and now. Sloane come on, we have to focus. Are you going to be able to do this?” Liyah snapped her fingers in front of Sloane to get her attention. “Sloane? Sloane?”

“Oh, Liyah, I’m sorry. What were you saying?” Just as Liyah was about to answer her, she quieted and Sloane followed her gaze toward the door where her unbelievably handsome ex-fiancé stood.

“Santo cielo.” Liyah breathed and stood straighter, adjusting her jacket.

“He’s just a man in a suit,” Sloane said, trying to convince herself more than Liyah that he was just a man in a suit. She busied herself by stacking and reorganizing an already organized stack of papers. She could feel one single bead of sweat slowly meander its way down her back. But Gates’ magnetic pull soon had her staring at his deep-set hazel orbs. She tried to look away, but there was something about this man who was able to suck her in like cake flour through a sieve.

“He is so not just a man in a suit.” Liyah swallowed hard, shaking her head at Sloane’s dismissal of him. “I’m beginning to understand why you’re so nervous about this. Wow. You know, I didn’t realize how much Brayden looks like him.”

“Shh, keep your voice down.” Sloane tried to move, to blink, to do anything, but her body betrayed her wishes and she could only stare as Gates mingled through the room before he stopped near the two of them. She felt the individual hairs on her neck called to attention as his deep voice rumbled over her.

“Liyah, hello. It’s been a while. Sloane.” Finally regaining her faculties Sloane pulled herself up to her full height of 5 feet 6 inches and smiled. The unmistakable maleness of him filled her senses as she looked into those familiar eyes. Prickly chills scampered up her spine as she stood face to face with the father of her baby boy.

“Hi, Gates.” Liyah interjected, trying to break the obvious awkwardness.

“Gates, it’s good to see you again.” Sloane stammered while inwardly cowering under his intense gaze.

“Is it really?” Smirking, Gates continued past her to meet and shake hands with a few of the representatives from the various companies with bids on the table.

“Okay, so that went well.” Both ladies turned to watch him weave through the crowd of people as he headed towards the front of the room before Liyah turned to Sloane. “You up for this?”

“I don’t have much choice, do I? I guess he really does hate me.” Sloane swallowed the big lump of nerves in her throat and tried to pull herself together for what she knew was going to be the fight of her life. She and Liyah took their seats as the meeting got underway and she was never so glad to sit down. Her legs felt weak and her stomach was queasy. If it weren’t for the fact she hadn’t been with anyone since Gates, she would have sworn she was experiencing morning sickness all over again.

“Maybe not so much hate, as maybe severe dislike.”


Railyn Stone hails from the Tar Heel State and is a romantic at heart. She believes you can find romance in the simplest aspects of life and enjoys letting her imagination run wild. Trying new restaurants, listening to music, playing golf and writing over the top stories about ordinary people are the hobbies she cherishes most.

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Okay, my pinky is getting tired holding on to the shift key.

One thing, throughout reading this book, I couldn’t shake off that feeling that something is so wrong about this book. It was just there and the saddest thing is, I don’t have a clue on what is wrong. I mean, read this book. It’s so lovely. It’s so. so. so. Just. But still.

Yes it was like that.


One, Sloane was stupid throughout the book until about midway. It felt dragging. Like the book was struggling to be long, to have a bit more of timeframe. Actually, I have no problem with how Gates found out about the secret but still. It was, uhm, (yeah) dragging.

Generally, aside from being stupid, Sloane is pretty good. She has the stereotypical kind heart, I love the diverse friendship circle, and although pretty much cliche of a character, she’s totally lovable. She’s smart and kind, and a good mother. In one way or another. (Actually, I pretty much agree with *** that she’s *spoiler* but I’m speaking generally here so yes, she’s a good mother.) She loves Brayden so much but who are we kidding, HOW CAN YOU NOT LOVE THAT LITTLE BUGGER!????! You have to not have a heart to not love the kid!

Moving on to Gates. Gatesgatesgates. Oh, Gates. Gates, you know what, Gelly is such a big B. Yeah. That she is. And you know what? You were also kinda cruel and you go off with your reckless decisions and you’re pretty much blind to see that but you’re also kinda kind and cute and hot. And you’re most adorable when you’re *spoiler* so yup.

The characters, everyone (except from Avery and Liyah and Brayden) were pretty much two-faced. They are either really adorable and just perfect or such an A-H, or stupid. There’s no in between.

The plot, on the other hand, was extremely predictable but it went on a good enough pace. Aside from the stupidity attacks moments, which made me feel like this is just dragging on, the pace was great.

And really, the romance was well-played. At some point, it reduces to a little backdrop to focus more on the family aspect (OOPS IS THAT A SPOILER?!) but then it comes back a little more sweeter than we we left it behind. Besides, there was a great chemistry when the romance really surfaces.

The writing was also great. Although this isn’t a quotes everywhere kinda book for me, I found some that straight to the point.


OVERALL, A Secret To Keep is such a magnificent, emotional, sweet read. There’s the right amount of friendship, family, and romance. It’s just perfect in that way. I have written out everything I can say (complains and love and all that jazz) and I can definitely say that this is one great of a flawed book. The characters were stereotypical but alive. Love was always there in one way or another and this is a wonderful tale on how love can be. Also, you shouldn’t make decisions that are not for you. And really, if it’s meant to be, it’ll happen. This is that kind of book that’ll make you sigh after you read it and you’re just oozing with love and sweetness, and perfection through the mistakes. The characters may be overly annoying that edges to frustrating but they are lovable. If you really connect with Sloane and Gates, this is one hell of an emotional roller coaster. I can tell you that because I was that deep with this book. A Secret To Keep is well-written, and is a definite must-read. If you’re a sucker for romance, you should really try this. Because you know, love is complicated and it makes you lose your mind. Hmm. Yup. That pretty much explains this whole book. And again, whatever’s meant to be will work out eventually. ❤


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