Stop, Look, Read On: Walker Pride by Bernadette Marie BOOK TOUR! [GIVEAWAY+REVIEW!!]

WALKER PRIDE (The Walker Family #1) by Bernadette Marie

Expected Publication: 25 June 2015, 5 Prince Publishing

Genre: Adult, Contemporary, Romance

Pages: eARC, 281 pages | Kindle Edition, 251 pages

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walker pride cover WALKER PRIDE (The Walker Family #1) 

Susan Hayes moved to Georgia to start the life she wanted to live and build her catering career. On the brink of having everything she ever wanted, Eric Walker and his family happened into her life.

Eric Walker’s life had been quiet, structured, and boring until his uncle gambled away the family’s property and jeopardized Eric’s livelihood. Now midst family secrets learned, someone ruining his business and trying to drive him off his land, he fell in love.

Things will never be the same for them—especially if someone succeeds in destroying the Walker family and killing Eric.

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Berndette Marie Bestselling Author Bernadette Marie is known for building families readers want to be part of. Her series The Keller Family has graced bestseller charts since its release in 2011, along with her other series and single title books. The married mother of five sons promises Happily Ever After always…and says she can write it, because she lives it. When not writing, Bernadette Marie is shuffling her sons to their many events—mostly hockey—and enjoying the beautiful views of the Colorado Rocky Mountains from her front step. She is also an accomplished martial artist with a second degree black belt in Tang Soo Do.

A chronic entrepreneur, Bernadette Marie opened her own publishing house in 2011, 5 Prince Publishing, so that she could publish the books she liked to write and help make the dreams of other aspiring authors come true too. Bernadette Marie is also the CEO of Illumination Author Events.

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typewriter typewriter typewriter typewriter

Since I literally don’t have any words for a review right now, I figured I should type down the inner monologue that’s alreayd sort of a tradition before I write any review.

me: so… maybe I should bring out the gifs for this review…
me: maybe not…
me: so how did you feel about this book?
me: idk what this is about
me: hahaha stop ren stop
me: let’s look at the Goodreads review!
me: good idea.
me: *looks at the review* hmm… seems like I was in a hurry and I was so emotional
book: hey remember me
me: OMFGMSNWBYEFUDWOQJSCEFWBWSGDCPHOLYFUSCKWHOVB ( — that was a flashback of what happened in the book)
me: you always say that
me: no I don’t
me: you do and you CAN’T write that as the review
me: I don’t… what do I do??!
me: oh words oh words help me
me: great going
me: *internal high five with the other three mes*
fifth me: *slaps everybody* SO USELESS
me: shut up and get to the review
me: *thinks about the book and what happened* hmm.. yeah that part got you
me: hahahah it did but it didn’t I mean I wasn’t shocked but it’s not like I anticipated that one too
me: so it did got you
me: nothing shocks you. you’re a little piece of-
me: hold on you can’t say that
me: but yeah that one was a good plot twist this is a little mystery I LOVE THIS
me: you like any mystery
me: no I didn’t like-
me: hold on you can’t say that
me: sorry…
me: hmm and you like the writing.
me: yeah and also everybody
me: yeah you were so wrong about him
me: hahahha you’re right I’m so stupid
me: but really they were so cute
me: who she and him heck no
me: NNOOOO Susan and Eric!
me: yep they were
me: does this pass as the review?
me: NO.
me: no?

me: I’m an UGH. Good going where’s the words be serious and freaking write the review

Walker Pride is a wonderful piece of art. Yes. That sums it up.

As I said in the monologue, this novel had a great romance plot I actually forgot everything else. Yes, there was a teeny tiny bit mystery so if you want to get into that, I suggest that you don’t get yourself caught up in the romance just because it’s wonderful. The family aspect is big here too. Actually, aside form the romance, that’s the other thing this is mainly going to revolve around.

The characters were all lovable aside from those that were really made to be not loved. I adore Susan and her strong sense of independence. YOU GO GIRL!!! I love how she left her caging, useless husband to be her own self. I love Bethany and Lydia too and I am most definitely looking forward to see their (including Susan) friendship grow deeper. I can see it. Eric, on the other hand, is a lot like me. We both hate people, we hate the outside world, and we basically hate everything. I am not, however, the same to him in the aspects of being a tad bit violent and jumpy to conclusions. (I’m born for mysteries, meaning I think over the situation in every possible angle before doing anything.) Eric has this cold, hard exterior but on the inside, he just cares too much for his family and basically everybody. That is a good thing, and would be better if he had the ability to show it properly. But he doesn’t and here is where the family comes in. They were very understanding even though the half were not even present in the first half. This is that kind of book with a lot of characters you really wouldn’t be able to know everyone and they won’t all have enough time to be seen. They started out as absentees and people-who-doesn’t-care but in the end, you’ll see, as Eric sees and realises it, that they always have his [Eric’s] back. It’s wonderful.

Walker Pride had a good pacing going on and was written brilliantly. It had been calm even though I guess it wasn’t. The romance had me so caught up I missed the red flags. (DON’T DO THE SAME THING.) That only happens to me when it [the romance] was beautifully executed. I am looking forward to reading the next books in this series! ❤

Overall, Walker Pride is wonderful. Wonderful seems to be the working adjective through this all because it has this calm and beautiful aura around it. The romance progressed fast but after all these years, I have found that once love strikes, it’ll get you in the end so why even try to get around it? I love the writing. I love the characters. I love the plot. I love this book. So, if you like romance and is ready to fall in love with a bunch of people (because everyone is awesome), I am telling you, pre-order it now.


me: do you think I wrote everything
me: yup good job *pats myself on the head*
me: in the end you didn’t place a gif anywhere
me: *shrugs* it didn’t seem fitting
me: *shrugs*


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