Here’s To: Compendium by Aria Luria

COMPENDIUM (The Artefacts of Lumia #1)

by Alia Luria

Genre: Fantasy, Middle Grade/YA, Sci-Fi

Pages: eBook, 176 pages

Published: 5 May 2015, Willowship Press

Source: Copy provided by I Am a Reader | Feed Your Reader 

WINNER: 2015 National Indie Excellence Award in Fantasy!

24754560 COMPENDIUM (The Artefacts of Lumia #1)

On the heavily forested planet of Lumin, the Network has slept, dormant, for over six hundred cycles. Only a select few remember that it resides beneath the crust of the planet, waiting, and for them, the battle for Lumin’s future has raged in the shadows. When Mia Jayne’s path crosses with an ancient volume in the Archives of the Order of Vis Firmitas, this ancient battle moves from the shadows into the light. Compendium opens up a world of knowledge, and, for the first time since arriving at the Order, Mia has the key to reclaim the freedom she has lost. To do so, she must choose between her conscience and her heart. Conceived against an ailing world of fantastical beauty where long-lost technology tips the balance between extinction and survival, Mia must remember that there is always a choice, and that makes all the difference.

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alia luria

 Alia Luria is an award-winning author. She born April 11, 1977, in Brooklyn, New York, and grew up in Tampa, Florida. She attended Berkeley Preparatory School in Tampa. She was a voracious reader from the time she was little, graduating quickly from books like Chronicles of Narnia and The Phantom Tollbooth to the likes of Steven King. She began writing young, including poetry and short stories, some of which were published in her school’s literary magazines.

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Do you know how thrilled I am with this book?


Do you know that you should be reading this book now???




Okay be ready for incoherent emotions and fangirling. FANGIRLING.


( Okay. There’s a lot of gifs already which means I am not allowed to use them for like, the next three reviews. Or maybe five. It’s a punishment. )

So. Let’s start with the magnificent writing of this book. Compendium is written in two POVs in third person. One is Melia’s and the other is Mia’s. It’s written in somewhat Old English – which I thought was pretty odd at the start but I got used to it halfway through. One thing about this is that it’s hard to get it our of your brain. THIS WORLD IS GRANDLY MAGICAL. AND SCIENTIFIC. BUT MAGICAL. At first I thought that this is dystopian or some kind of alien world to Earth kinda thing but no. I’d like to say it’s Sci-fi because everything is either an advancement (mega advancement) in technology or came from the environment. What makes it fantasy is Mia’s hearing. (SPOILER ALERT!) I have never understood what cycles are but I assume it’s a lot like years Lumin years, you know what I mean. Okay so Alia’s writing is really amazing. One thing about this is that I kept on guessing where were are, how, when – you know, those kinds of things. But I can tell you one thing about this: It’s a freaking page-turner. Hooked right on the very first page. And it leaves you wanting the second book. I stand corrected, demanding the second book.

Now, the characters were all lovely. Melia is somewhat vague to me, even up to now. And Mia, on the other hand, seemed like a spoiled brat at some points but what I love about her is that she owns up to her mistakes and is wiling to see herself for who she has become. She literally (okay, not literally) takes a step back and looks at herself in the bigger picture – if she has changed for the better or worse or if she indeed has acted like a spoiled brat. I love that about her. She’s courageous and flawed. I love her sense of friendship and family. Actually, that’s one of the beautiful things about this book. The family and friendship factor. I love how nothing overrode the plot but everything moved along with it. There was a hint of romance but very substantial. I think there’s a possible growth of that over the next book(s) and I’m actually excited to see where it’ll go from here. But –


The plot is so new. I mean, it’s a whole planet shutting down! It’s crazy! And magical! Yes, the Compendium is an artefact and I am sad about what happened by the end – I CRIED A MILLION TEARS. From that fact, I have a somewhat of a clue on what the series is going to be. But I’m sure of one thing – it’s going to be an awesome adventure. I love the character development especially because she’s wiling to grow.

Overall, Compendium is a wonderfully magical world that will suck you in right by the first page. The characters are all wonderful, lovable, and amazing. The writing makes the world even more fascinating. This book has enough of it all, and even heartbreaking. Well, it broke my heart so your argument is invalid. For me, it was like a really futuristic POV of Earth – maybe in like, a few ten thousands of years from now. You know that theory, that the Earth will eventually heal itself back to be able to sustain life once again? Yeah, that. But here, the people took the measures to shut down all their technology to help Lumin. In the end, it says that we are who makes our planet. What it was, what it is, and what it will be. If you’re into sci-fi and classical books, you really need to read this. Like, RIGHT NOW.


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