The Excuse To Read Read-A-Thon!!! (+ A few announcement/life updates/random shenanigans)

The Excuse to Read read-a-thon starts today, Tuesday, July 28th, and ends Tuesday, August 4th.

It is all about enjoying your books and not feeling guilty about taking a week to read ’em. 

Hi guys!

Today is the start of the Excuse to Read read-a-thon. This is hosted (hosted?…) by Cheyanne Young (author of THE POWERED trilogy, UNDERSTUDY, SOMEWHERE ONLY WE KNOW and a lot more…) Jessica Brooks (author of FLORA series and COZENAGE series) and it is what the title says. Basically, it’s about pushing everything aside and just read. As simple as that.

Sooooo. I am supposed to show you my TBR pile/list but the thing is, I don’t have my phone right now (it’s broken and this situation is highly inconvenient.) and I am moving which means my books are packed up and I was stupid not to take a picture before I packed them up. So stupid. Right now, I have my laptop (which has a Kindle app in it) but I am going to pack this up right after I finish writing this post. So I won’t have to pack it later on because I hate doing stuff the last minute.

Which means I have a huge problem. I can’t show you my tbr pile.

What I am just going to do is list them down (and get their covers to have pictures in this post.)

Confession: I actually don’t have a proper TBR pile/list. 😀

Why am I like this?

Moving on. I have my list of books I have to read for review purposes and I AM WAY TOO BEHIND. Honestly, these are all good books and I just want to jumpstart on this list so here’s a few on the top of my list:


  • No Kissing Allowed
  • Written on My Heart
  • Most Likely To Succeed
  • Confessions of a Virgin Sex Columnist

Moving on to the books I’ve had forever and planned since the beginning of time to read but never did:

On my Kindle: 

  • All Lined Up
  • All Broke Down
  • Kaleidoscope Hearts

Physical copies: 

  • Thirteen Reasons Why
  • My Heart and Other Black Holes
  • Cinder
  • Scarlet
  • Dorothy Must Die

I gave you guys a list of twelve books but I am not exactly sure what my goal is. I am hoping to be able to finish at least all of those eARCS and three of the books that’s been on my list since forever.



I know. It’s basically impossible. LOOK AT THOSE COVERS!!!!!!


Look at the cover no NO KISSING ALLOWED. I am freaking in love.

Do you know that MY HEART AND OTHER BLACK HOLES has this lovely feeling? The cover, I mean. It’s just awesome. I can’t explain it but yah.

And WRITTEN ON MY HEART has an extremely stunning cover. Who else is freaking out? MEMEMEMMEMEMEMMEME.

Honestly, I want to finish all of them. Basically because one, I feel so left out. It seems like everyone has read TLC, and Dorothy Must Die, and Rusk University novels AND I AM STUCK IN THE NO-KNOW. But moving on from my feelings of being left out, I JUST WANT TO READ THEM. Pluuuussssss I received my copy of ALL BROKE DOWN form Cora Carmack herself. I AM FREAKING OUT AGAIN HOLD ON. Oh, and my copy of Scarlet is signed. #justsaying. (But just Scarlet. Hahahahhahahhahaha I know.)

Also, school is starting in August which means I HAVE TO CALM DOWN. I just want to lay off the tours and all that jazz and focus more on posting the reviews of books I’ve read since May. MAY. Some even from April, I think. The amount of these reviews are getting ridiculous. I just want to get them done already and so I HAVE TO FREAKING CALM DOWN. Here is a list of those reviews you’ll probably see soon:

  • Anya and The Shy Guy
  • The Avery Shaw Experiment
  • When The World Was Flat (And We Were in Love)
  • P.S. I Still Love You
  • Black Ice
  • Never Forgotten
  • Current Impressions
  • Restore
  • When You Are Mine
  • Queen of Someday
  • Whiskey Kisses
  • All Your Reasons
  • Liars, Inc.

Hopefully, I get all of those done already. I JUST HAVE TO CALM DOWN.


So there.

I forgot to add the cover for Avery Shaw Experiment but nevermind that because we’re going to have the geek week next week and I am freaking excited over it. SO EXCITED. If you have no idea what I’m talking about, well, it’s a surprise, so that’s why you don’t.

By the way, some of those books are eARCs soooooo.

I know. I’m horrible.

But anyways. *Wrapping this all up* I AM LEAVING IN APPROX. 2 DAYS. I AM SCARED BUT THERE ARE ARE STUFF IN LIFE THAT I JUST HAVE TO JUMP IN. Because whether I like it or not, it’s gonna happen.

That’s a wrap.

*bye I’m reading.*


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