Highlow internet.

I am currently in college and is supposed to be studying for Biology and History but ignoring that, I have decided to put up a post.

What I planned for August: Participate in minimal tours/blitzes and post all the pending reviews. Also, completely change the layout of the blog/posts.

What happened: Posts went on in the first week and I fell from the face of the Earth.

Other stuff that happened: I missed a lot of posts. I haven’t replied to any messages. I got tagged to I Mustache You a Question Tag. I haven’t read any book at all. I haven’t written anything. I haven’t edited anything.



But first, I want to apologize. I missed a lot of posts. I haven’t posted any of the reviews. I haven’t even gotten around half of my TBR (to-be-reviewed) pile. 

And I’ll admit, I wanted some time alone.

But I’m back. And I miss blogging. I miss reading. I miss reviewing. I miss fangirling over everything and nothing with everybody and nobody.

I want to create a schedule but since August is almost over, I just want to release all of the overdue stuff and then start all over again. I’ll be moving the redecoration on September. And maybe, if I feel like it, I might start posting poems. But you can also see some poems on my DeviantArt account. By the way, I meant posts from 6th, 7th, 10th. Yes. WAY OVERDUE.


What else? Actually, nothing else. I just want to start writing and posting again. Oh and by the way, I’m going off for the weekend. I’m going back home for the long weekend and that is so great which means I’ll just schedule some things in. And I’ll revive the Facebook page again. And tweet more.


So… In order to make this post longer than it already is, here’s 14 things I learned from the 14 days I took off.

  1. Adjusting is hard. Dealing with people is hard.
  2. Waiting isn’t always the best option.
  3. First impressions last. And my first impressions are always right.
  4. True friends are ultramegasuperdupervery hard to find.
  5. Never assume anything. You can hope but don’t put your expectations too high.
  6. Disappointment can hit you harder than you can ever imagine.
  7. You never know what’s going on inside one’s mind.
  8. Moving out doesn’t always mean meeting new people.
  9. What you see is what you get.
  10. Looking around will do you good.
  11. Always be you. Be who you want to be. Never lose you. Never try to change you because others said so.
  12. Never hold yourself back from things that you really want to do.
  13. Hate at first sight is real.
  14. Second guessing can save your life.

In one short sentence, life is hard to deal with but you can and you will find people who are not so high-maintenance aka you can associate with.

I’ve had a very exhausting two weeks (between trying to adjust and always being sick) and I learned a lot of things about people and about myself. I can write another fourteen but I think that would be overkilling it.

So I decided to just list down 14 things I should’ve already known but just realized.

  1. Grocery shopping with a budget of 250 PhP (5.40 USD) is HARD.
  2. Taking care for a sick stubborn spoiled brat provokes my inner serial killer.
  3. Getting sick alone is depressing.
  4. Not being able to eat breakfast for seven consecutive days can kill you.
  5. Walking uphill won’t reduce your leg fat (but just make them muscles)
  6. Eating food you’re allergic to isn’t safe.
  7. Living with strangers is EXHAUSTING.
  8. I cannot simply say that I don’t like John Green.
  9. People won’t be able to accept the fact that I don’t watch movies or TV shows.
  10. People will have a hard time believing I have a very general allergy.
  11. I’ll be able to see splitting images of the people I left back home.
  12. Friends are great but true friends are gold.
  13. Not everyone will get my sense of humour.
  14. Living out of cupcakes is not possible.


So for now, I’ll be leaving you with a promise that I’ll get around a lot of reviews and keeping up with everyone. And that I Mustache You a Question Tag. And you guys can keep in your mind that life is just a big carnival tour.



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