I Mustache You Tag!

Hi everybody !!!!!!!!!!!!!


Nothing, I just want to put a gif there.  Okay. So today, I’m going to do the I MUSTACHE YOU A QUESTION TAG.

I was tagged by Aga from Books for the Mind to do this tag and actually, I’ve seen this go around and has wanted to do this but you know, I was actually waiting for someone to tag me. Even if the blogger said I’m tagging everyone!!


Now, this tag is pretty simple. We just have to answer the given questions then tag people. #LetsDoThis

1. Four jobs I’ve had

Actually, I’ve never had a job in my whole life. HAHAHAHAHAHA. Well, I did but it was more like helping my family. I once attended to our family mini grocery and the other one, I worked as an assistant in my mom’s company. There, I was paid. Then as a mentor at the school. No big deal, I just had to deal with little children. Theeen, a volunteer in outreach programs.

2. Four movies I’ve watched more than once

Okay, I don’t even watch movies. Let me think real hard for this one.
+ Barbie as the Princess and the Pauper
+ Shutter (The Thai horror movie)
+ Fantastic Four
+ Insidious
Yes, because one, me and my sisters had a Barbie-movies-marathon last summer. Two, there’s always a rerun of Fantastic Four on TV. Three, I watched Shutter on the TV then me and my friends watched it too. Four, I watched Insidious with my dad and sisters then one time, my friends decided to watch it too.

3. Four books I would recommend

I’d have to ask the age range and if it’s for book people or non-readers for this question. But probably,
+ The Beginning of Never
+ Miss Fortune Cookie
+ Absolution
+ Discovering Delilah

4. Four places I have visited

+ Ilocos Sur, PH
+ Laguna, PH
+ Baguio, PH
+ Metro Manila, PH

5. Four places I’d rather be right now

+ With a cat
+ With a book
+ Back home
+ Fast forward to a good time in my life

6. Four things I don’t eat

+ Not edible stuff
+ Bitter gourd
+ Softdrinks
+ Things I’m allergic to (TMTM)

7. Four of my favourite foods/drinks

+ Anything sweet
+ Iced Tea
+ fruits
+ Mushrooms

8. Four TV shows I watch

Okay, I don’t watch TV shows.
+ Reply 1997
+ More Kdramas
+ JDramas/Animes
+ (soon) Scream Queens

9. Four things I am looking forward this year

+ Freshie week/night/ball
+ my birthday
+ Sembreak

10. Four things I’m always saying


11. Four people I tag

Erin from Celestial Pages.
Hadjar from manyreads
Blaise from The Book Boulevard
Caroline from Just Another Bookish Blog

Yah, so again, all you have to do is copy the questions, and answer them! ❤

Have fun!!!


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