#WordsForWednesday (# I lost count…)





*victorious laugh*

Okay, so #CAPSLOCKPARTY over.

But anyway, here’s our cute quote for this week. I swear it’s cute. Trust me.

I think we’re meant to make the best of it while we are where we are.

— The Uninvited, Cat Winters

OMG YOU GUYS. THIS BOOK. YUP THIS BOOK. Okay, so in case you missed it, my review for THE UNINVITED is *finally* up so you might want to check that one out. (It’s here.)

So… without further jazz, here’s the little something I made for today:


I know. It’s so bright and very pastel and it’s actually cute. And as you would have known by now, I don’t normally settle in for just one or just as simple as this one but I really liked it (and I needed to go somewhere…)

I think the quote is very much self explanatory. It’s very straightforward, so thoughtful, and it’s the plain hard truth screaming right in your face. 

Honestly, I don’t understand how some people have to literally have an arm wrestling with death just to realise that life is way too short to not do what you want to do. Life is too short to do as you’re told. Life is too short to not make the most out of it. Have you ever heard of the conclusion from a study that says: People regret more what they did not do. We only get to live a moment once. Why not make the most out of it?

Regrets are included when you ere enlisted to do this whole life thing but it is nobody’s goal to have a many regrets as s/he can, right? I mean, really? Everyone seeks happiness. Even unconsciously, or even the ones who deny it. It is our nature to look for it. But have you ever heard of that life lesson that says: Whatever you’re looking for shall you find when you’re no longer looking for it? It is true, isn’t it? Happiness isn’t something you can look for. It is something that you pick up from the littlest or the biggest things in the world. The more that you look for it, the sadder you’ll be if you don’t find it. Remember that expectations can lead to disappointments.

Making the most of it is a common phrase and goal to almost everyone. But how odes one make the most out of it? For me, it’s simply not giving a real care about the past or the future. It is important to look back once in a while, to remind you what brought you to where you are, what happened for you to be who you are. It is also great to think of the days to come. It gives you a sense of preparedness but the truth is, you cannot prepare for reality. In the middle of these lies the present. What are you doing? Was that now you envisioned yourself ten minutes ago? How about five years ago? Are you the person you said you would be or the person you said you’ll never be?

In the end, living in the present, staying in this moment, being you right here right now is the only way to live. Letting the flow of life take you through the ups and downs. You have control but who exactly enjoys him/herself while trying to do and look at everything at the same time? No one. Multitasking is one thing but trying to juggle every single life factor is another. Live as much as you can. Appreciate everything. Live like no one is judging. Judge everyone like tomorrow is the end, Live like there’s no tomorrow. Love fully and honestly. Stroll through life while looking at everything. Look up, down, right, left. Learn about people. Never be ashamed of who you are today. You can be ashamed of the you today in two years but not now. Because in the end, acceptance is the key. You have to accept that life goes on. You can’t control everything. And what’s gong to happen is not something you can be certain of.


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