The title is very fitting for this post.

Also, I’ve been overusing that word for so many posts now. I have to stop.

This is actually a very pointless post. I just want to announce that my review for THE AVERY SHAW EXPERIMENT has been out in the world for quite some time now and I didn’t even remember that when I made the little schedule thing. I just assumed that I haven’t posted it yet when I actually did.

I am forgetting a lot of stuff lately (like where I placed my toothbrush or pencil or my life and stuff like that) and it’s probably unhealthy but I’m still alive so don’t worry.

And I just want to point out that my posts are actually on time with the schedule. I mean, it is. Right?

Also, since I put up that Request page, I actually got responses. I just want to announce that I didn’t expect that and so I’m formally thanking everybody. As you all probably know, I’m occupied with reviews right now and I still have my to-review pile from months ago that I haven’t gotten around yet but I don’t think I necessarily have to say no as of right now. Maybe in a few more requests. And no one has actually emailed me back yet sooooo… technically I’m still free.

Aaannnnddd what else… hmmm… nothing else, actually. I just wanted to say hi and ask what you’re reading right now and what you think of it and stuff like that.



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