#WordsForWednesday (14)

*Olly Murs voice*


Well, guess who’s back? Guess what’s back? 

Yeah, well.

Actually, I don’t know how to do this anymore.

OH DEAR, I have a promise. I promise to give you printable bookmarks from now on.

Okay, anyway. I have so many things for you I don’t know what to put up first but I’ve decided that I’ll put up the first thing I made. Sooooo… today, I have a quote from UNDERNEATH EVERYTHING by Marcy Beller Paul. You can read my review here.



Hold on I’m crying all over again.

I had a choice. I chose this. And I don’t regret it. Despite the scars. The ones you can see and the ones you can’t. I wouldn’t change anything.

Yes, the tears are real.

Wait, on second thought, don’t read my review. Read the book. I just read the review to help me cope with this but it was… unattached, not helpful… I don’t know who wrote that review. I’ll tell you if I’ve reviewed this book again. I’ll edit that one. That will not do. That was not me. Who was that?! Just how exactly did college ruin me??? 



Okay, about the photo first. I know, I have disturbing tendencies. It’s cute anyway. I like the watercolor/paint things. Wow, I don’t even know how to describe my own work. Why am I still alive?


Let’s cry talk about that quote.

Life, whether we like it or not, is about choices. It’s not about how your life turned out or what your life is like. It’s not about how you’re living right now. It’s all about the choices that you’ve made, the choices that you didn’t make, and all the things that might have happened differently if you had just chosen a different path.

Life, whether we like it or not, in the end, is about the present. And in the present, the only thing that matters is your happiness. What matters is that in this very moment you are living in, you are happy.

Choices, whether we like it or not, are necessary. They are the little evil things that suddenly pop up in your life when you think it’s all finally happening your way. They are the little evil things that make and break your momentum. They are the little evil things that you wish you never have to deal with.

I am a firm believer that your choices do make or break your life. (Shout out to WHEN THE WORLD WAS FLAT) But in the end, what actually matters is where you stand right now. We all come up scarred in many ways. Not every scar is visible to the naked eye and some people has to take care of wounds that nobody else sees. But no matter what, we’re here in this very moment because of our life choices.

Life, whether we like it or not, is not just about making a choice. It is also about standing by your choice.

Scars prove that we survived something. That you have been hurt. That you’re still alive even though you’ve been cut. They are the little signs that remind you of what used to be, what could’ve been, and what you could never be. They are the little signs that remind you that you were once burned, cut, slashed, and you have the power to steer yourself away from that sword. They are the little signs that remind you that you once survived it, you could again.

In the end, we live in this moment. Not in the “What-if”s. There’s no use in trying to imagine what it would’ve been like to be living another life. Because you’re not in that life. There’s no use trying to change the past. Because you’re not in the past. Regrets just remind you of your wrongs. But focusing on living the today reminds you of your mistakes and how you can turn your life around. Standing by your choices means that even through the scars, the regrets, you can and will live through another day, for a better life – where you can be you.


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