#WordsForWednesday (16)


Okay, I promise I won’t do that anymore.

Let me get straight to the point ’cause it’s already 2016 and I’ve been doing this blogging thing for a year and I never learn…


This week, I have a quote for you guys by Rebecca Phillips.





There are two sides to everything and everyone. And somewhere in the middle is the truth.

To tell you the straight truth, life is not black and white. I live in a country where there are only the extremes which is why it feels like there are only two colours in the world. But as we should have all known by now, that should not be the case.

The truth can never be found on the cap nor in the bottom of the bottle. It’s when you’re halfway through it. When you’ve tasted the sweet beginnings and bitter aftertaste of every sip.

For me, grey is the colour of the truth. It’s always in the middle – not quite black, not quite white. And depending on the situation, it’s colour can change. Whether it be a shade of orange, green, or violet, the truth is always found in the middle of everything – and everyone.

We’ve been so used to the thrill of chasing every definition of perfection, fame, and happiness that we ourselves sometimes get lost in one end or another.

We’ve met so many people and have been fed so many lies that we have learned to say no to the truth too.

We have learned how to blend the colours to make our own shade of we and sometimes, what others see is not what you feel. Sometimes, what others see is not the same colour that you made.

They say to not judge a book by its cover but as human beings, we are born with the capability to just just that. And as life goes by, you tend to grow the ability t mix the cover by the summary and somewhere along the way, the cover doesn’t show you anything related to the contents that you just forget to just overlook that. And sometimes, it;s the other way around where it’s the summary that doesn’t add up to the cover.

The truth is not something you can see on the outside or the inside. It’s found in the black on the outside and the white in the inside. It’s found the middle of the book, a few pages past/before your bookmark. It’s found in the balance of milk and tea. It’s not found in either of the primary colours nor the four directions. It’s found the colour wheel and the map of the world.


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