The Excuse for the Unexcused Sudden Absence (Uncensored)

Okay, so lemme tell you something:

It’s not fun in outer space. 

This is like the 25769th sorry post of mine, and that’s really unfortunate but I have to make them still.

You know how there’s no oxygen in outer space? Yeah well that’s how my life has been going lately but I’m till trying (which I think is a good thing but maybe not) but yeah.

The thing is, I don’t like the people I am currently living in. I mean, I have real life problems and not to mention the sorry state of the internet connection in this place.

If I haven’t mentioned it yet, I am going to now. I am currently in college and this place I’m staying in is a real bummer. It’s crappy plus I live with crappy people. It’s crappy for the sole reason that the rent is expensive and I don’t even have a proper internet connection which makes everything wore because half of my life is this blog.

But I have made the decision that I will be leaving moving in somewhere else next semester (which is somewhere between May and June because I’ll be taking midyear classes). Plus, there’s like almost a month and a half left in this semester so if you guys(especially the authors I have made promises of a review and/or guest post) please hang on there because I’m really really really trying.

It’s not just about this state of life I am in but me myself. It’s just getting worse everyday and this living quarters ain’t doing anything but pushing me deeper. It’s just that I know it’s not good to be this way so I’m trying really hard to not let it get to me but it’s getting harder everyday.

But I’m trying.

Well anyway, I have drafted several reviews (ever since the last week of February, they were supposed to go off this March but I didn’t get to finish them because of my emotional state and uni and these people I’m living in) so I’m planning on finishing them this week, schedule them for April and let April be the month of comeback for nerdychampagne. I really miss being active in the bookish world and I just can’t wait for this semester to end.

I really think that I’m getting worse because the one thing that keeps me anchored ( books and this blog) is being taken away from me and I just don’t know how to deal with that. I mean, it’s already bad that I don’t know how to deal with people but… it just had to be taken away from me. This was not how I envisioned myself when I graduated from high school (which is almost a year ago #feels) but I’m here.

Anyway, I really enjoy blogging so I’m just going to try until it gets somehow better, somehow.

I love you all guys and please please please be a little more patient ( a month and a half left of this semester !!! ) and thank you for being so understanding.

Mwah xx


P.S. Shout out to Nora for nominating me for Book Fangirling Award. I’ll get to that soon ! (also, check her out you guys and the rest of the people she nominated !! )

Also, do you guys think I should enter this poetry contest at my college? I only have until 23 to decide (and write the poem, and submit it… so I only have until 21, actually.)

love you all, peace out girl scout xx


4 thoughts on “The Excuse for the Unexcused Sudden Absence (Uncensored)

  1. Oh, thanks for the shout out! I can’t wait to read your answers to my questions 😀 And you should definitely enter the competition if you think you’ll have enough time to write the poem. Good luck!


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