#WordsForWednesday (19)

What up my friends

Heyyyyyy I kinda forgot about Wednesdays or whatever day it is and I realise just a day later… Okay, my head is mushy and I’m confused for some odd reason today so please bear with me, (also there’s a little insect flying all over my face right now and it’s annoying and it’s probably the reason why I’m out of it, probably.)

Okay I’m sorry for the mumbling and everything so now let’s move on to today’s highlighhhttt.


For this week’s WFW, I have a quote from Mirror Image by Michele Pariza Wicek! Ta-da


Safety is an illusion


I’m actually proud of this one because I actually made that background from scratch – guess I’m evolving, haha.

I think one thing that we’re subconsciously ignoring is that we’re always at risk. We might tell ourselves to take the safe route but we know, deep in our minds that even in the safe way, there are things that can go out of hand – things beyond our control.

The world is a big, dark, scary place. We do our best to keep each company with the illusion that in the middle of the chaos, we can find serenity; that in the midst of all the noise, there’s silence. The truth is, no matter how hard we try to block and build up walls, we’ll always hear the whispers, the murmurs, the afterschock of the voices outside.

We run onto the arms of people who we feel the safest with yet in the back of our heads, we feel a sense of irrational fear: fear that they will leave us, that they will run away, that they will stop loving us.

Instead of facing these fears, we turn a blind eye and look at life in a way that we won’t have to (confront them, that is.)

There is beauty in living in a mirage. There is something special in living blindly. There is a certain magnificence in living choosing the good rather than facing the darkness.

I think it’s the kinda quote that when you try to explain any longer, it will just be complicated and get lost in translation; so it’s better to leave some things unsaid and left on the tip of one’s tongue (or on one’s fingertips.)

Well then, we’re still halfway through the week, have fun for me friends (I try to but I’m just a broke college student so there’s really nothing much I can dooooo.)




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