The Hiatus

This fifth of September, I announced my hiatus through Twitter, and although I said I’ll post a longer explanation soon, it just kind of never happened – until now.

See thread here:

Well, this is nothing new, it’s almost gonna be two months since I announced my hiatus and it’s been an intense roller coaster but I think I’ll be back by December. I hope anyway. Also, I changed my mind about posting anything until I’m officially back. I’m having a really rough time, and I’m so confused, and tired, and just really seriously exhausted.

Anyways, I’m taking a hiatus until probably, as I said above, December, maybe until like  the third week of December (or maybe earlier, if we’re lucky.

And as for the reasons why:

I know I’ve already said this before, but I’m really having a hard time. And this is a book blog. Besides, I really don’t want to impose my personal life with all of you guys, and I want to stop giving out sorry excuses every time I miss an appointment or post something out of time frame because I was feeling totally terrible that day or some lie I made up or that I’m too busy whatever. I can’t live like that, you guys deserve better from a book blog. Also, I love book blogging. I really do. So I want to try one more time for all of you, to make this blog alive again.

There’s my first reason: I just really need to work on my mental health. I at least need to be in a comfortable state, and I think it’s going good lately, and I hope I am not pushing myself past my limits this time, and I really really really hope that  I don’t get a relapse.

With that said, I though I should tell you some reasons that are book related so here are other reasons:

  1. I am on a reading slump. School sucks. I wanna die. I wanna die. I can’t sleep. I have too many things to do. I wanna die. School sucks.
  2. I am broke. I need physical books. The only books I was reading on e-copies were review copies and since I was not receiving those, I have nothing. But mostly, I need physical books in order to make it real, in order to make me feel like I am really pulling myself out.
  3. Well, I moved to a dormitory and the internet there sucks so much that I have barely opened my laptop. I just can’t deal with the internet in that place. Just remembering how bad it is puts me in such a bad mood. I lose all enthusiasm whenever I think of that internet speed and it just really gets to me. It shouldn’t but it does.

These are all mere excuses and hoenstly, they don’t quite deserve to even be told but I really feel so bad, like totally horrible, and I know all of you are expecting a little something from me, so here is an explanation. I really want to be better and pay all my debts back.

With all of those said, I would like to quote my tweets,



I love you all, see you soon.

xx, Ren


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