[insert something funny here] #fail (Let’s do this again.)

Welcome to my book blog. I call it nerdychampagne. Maybe this is the time I’ve been waiting for – the time to tell how that name was formed. One dark night, I was playing a song with a champagne in the title. (It may have been by Cassadee Pope or may not, but maybe it was actually by Ariana Grande but then it can always not be.) I was thinking of a name for my Goodreads account. I have the tendency to use whatever song is playing for those kinds of events (like my email or password… not that you need to know). I have taken an online quiz where the quiz in question determines whether you are either a dork, geek, or nerd. Guess what my result was – three tries. Surely, you’ll get it. (I got princess.)

That’s the story. Put two and two together, you’ll be able to get four. Name, nerdychampagne.

For some odd reason, I go by the name Ren – it’s not really far from my full name. We’d only add three more letters and viola!

But now, we’d all have to settle with Ren.

Okay, so here’s (random) ten things about me:

  1. I love books. I think I’ve made that clear enough.
  2. loathe anything that has to do with computations. It’s not like I hate numbers. I just hate computing.
  3. I looovvee writing. It’s basically all I want to do with my life.
  4. My full name consists of six letters and I have two nicknames that can be spelled with those six. One has three letters, and the other has four.
  5. I don’t really use my Facebook account.
  6. What I wrote above isn’t really what you need to know. It’s actually highly irrelevant.
  7. Aside from reading and writing, editing – making graphics is my passion too.
  8. I’m running out of things to say here.
  9. I totally suck in introducing myself.
  10. I’m rejoicing over the fact that I was able to write through the ten things.

Bonus: I have edited those ten and you’ll never know what I wrote there before.
Bonus #2: I’ll probably forget what I first wrote there too, sooner than later.