Hey there! Are you an author and is looking for someone to host for you? Well, you’ve ended in a very fitting page. Ta-da! Nerdychampagne is here to help you! I can review, host a cover reveal, help you out with a giveaway (though I’m kinda always broke so not with the prize/s…), announcement/s, blitz, tour, whatever whatnot. Shoot me an email or a message through Facebook, Goodreads, or mention me on Twitter, or throw me a message in a bottle, or make that pigeon fly over the pacific ocean.

So you’re here but you’re not an author but just a lovely human being who actually reads my review/s and you kinda figured I would love a certain book you just read and so you want to test your hypothesis. Sure sweetie, just email me or use any of the social media or if you see me in the library, feel free to tap me on the shoulder and be like: Hey you read this now. Okay, so if you won’t see me in the library, I’ll probably be at the canteen or failing Chemistry or sleeping at PE, use the internet to contact me and we’ll see what we can do.

Okay, so you’re not just a reader but a blogger too! Let’s be BFF please?!? And you’ve been kinda seeing me around and you kinda want to invite me to a blog tour or blitz or whatever happening. Just send me the link to the details and you never know, we might actually internet besties for life. 

That’s quite an announcement.

So if you have anything else, just go write a comment below and I’ll be back for you!

All the awkward love, Ren xx


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