Nerdychampagne is BACK!

More like, I am back! Hey guys what’s up how are ya? 

I know I said that I will try to be back by our second anniversary but so much has happened and I thought I would take my sweet time.

There are two people that inspired me to come back: One is my professor at the university, and she’s usually fun – just not so much when she starts talking about the technicalities of linguistics… and the other is Ms. Boroni (yes, O.E. Boroni) when she went ahead and sent me a Happy New Year greeting. It was like a different kind of wake up call, like I know that I’m not making any progress, and that being away is not exactly doing me the greatest thing… you know?

So this time, I am going to take it slowly and surely.

I’ve read exactly one book and it’s been three weeks but I guess that’s okay, I’ve been away for like four months, and that’s an incredibly long time!

So now, here is an apology for all the arrangements I missed last year (literally) because I have decided to start over, to start clean. So now, I have nothing to do. Well, I am going to post a review of the one book I’ve read so far and it inspired to start digging up on Book Sale a little more so I’ll probably start there. This time, I plan on setting up a more specific plan when it comes to your requests, like a time period or something, just a more concrete planning when it comes to your feature on the blog. Also I’m going to try and start to be more active on the Facebook page (I literally just don’t use Facebook at all, so I am going to try harder this time.

I hope you all will stick to me this year and I want to thank you all for being understanding throughout 2016!

xo, Ren


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