Rating System


I’m here to talk about the rating system. There isn’t really much to tell about it.

It’s more about what the typrewriter and heart means.


     The typewriter  is equivalent to a full star. The star is whole and real and not incomplete at all.  Its life is full and timeless. It has found the nonexistent forever and is proving everyone who doesn’t believe that forever exists wrong. It stands fully based on its idea but isn’t really affected by whatever other people say.

     Why a typewriter and not just a plain old star? Well, first, I’m tired of stars. Second, I like typewriters. Third, I changed the color to gold and that’s more of a reason than the past two. Are two reasons enough or do I need to say more?



The heart is equivalent to a half star. The star is broken in half. The other half is missing – a.k.a. decided to leave her. The star needs to live half a life and can never get back with its other half.

     Why a heart and not just a plain old half of a star? Well, I just told you the sad little story about the half star. Here, I gave her a full heart. A life lived in half can never be seen on the surface. It’s something that’s felt by the person only. Someone can look whole on the outside but you’ll never know when this person is breaking and crumpling apart.